Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Slept On It

A few “final” words on Ahmadinejad and his appearance yesterday at Columbia… I immediately thought “never say never” after typing those words, but here goes, anyway. First of all, let me apologize for being “All Ahmadinejad, all the time” yesterday. All three of you long-time readers know I’m trying to break myself of being so danged political, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. There was something about this issue that grabbed me, and I’m still not quite sure what it is. I didn’t blog about Dr. Bollinger’s Columbia's decision to invite Ahmadinejad to speak at Columbia when the initial furor broke and that was by design, i.e., part of my effort to be less political. The same goes for the Ahmadinejad – Ground Zero brouhaha. There were plenty of people voicing opposition or otherwise chiming in on both those issues; my voice would have been superfluous, at best. I did, however make a decision to watch Ahmadinejad’s speech at Columbia yesterday after hearing the event would be televised. Little did I know what I was in for, or just how much I would be “taken” by the event.
So. After much listening, watching, and reading of comments, critiques, criticism, praise, bitches, complaints, posturing, and what-have-you about Columbia, its World Leaders Forum, and Ahmadinejad, my bottom line is this:
Columbia did the right thing.
I note with some (if not a lot) dismay that my opinion is in the minority on the right side of the ‘sphere. Some of my daily reads… people whose opinion I respect and often quote… disagree. I expected disagreement from some quarters, but that doesn’t surprise me given the usual and customary tone of the discourse there (if you want to call it that…to me those guys are just right-wing variations on the KosKidz theme). Thankfully, there are also at least two folks— and I’ll name names here: Jules Crittenden and Gerard van der Leun — who think Columbia did the right thing. Those guys put it in words a lot better than I do, so give them a read.
And finally (almost)… the New York Sun has an article on this subject that’s worth your time: “Bollinger Stuns Ahmadinejad With Blunt Rebuke.” And speaking of Dr. Bollinger, spare a moment to view the two vids below. They’re keepers.
Dr. Bollinger’s Remarks, Part I
Dr. Bollinger’s Remarks, Part II
(h/t: Hot Air) The full text of Dr. Bollinger’s remarks is here.
And now I have to hit the shower. I have to be over in the Big(ger) CityTM at 0830 this morning. The ‘Zuki has a doctor’s appointment…
I’ll be back later.


  1. Yesterday I missed the speeches and political fallout while running errands. Although I had some thoughts on the visiting Iran President, I was not sure where I stood. I am so glad that you posted speeches, links, and thoughts on the subject. I probably would not have taken time to look things up for myself - time being short these days. I know you try not to be too political on your blog, but I have to say, thanks for the politics. It does not bother me at all when you post your political views.

    Now, as to where I stand: I still may be swayed either way, but hearing Bollinger's speech is very persuasive that Columbia did the right thing. I doubt Ahmadinejad will care one way or the other - crazy people tend to stay crazy even when reason is presented. But, if by allowing him to speak shows his stupidity and dangerousness to the world, maybe it was a good thing.

  2. Buck,
    I also thank you for posting speeches, links etc.. It has made me stop and pay attention to some items I might not take an interest in based off of time to research. It's your blog you should be able to have an opinion and post your views.. We don't have to agree with you...

    I spent some time reading and listening and I still am not sure where I stand. I do believe that our young people need to hear how dangerous and crazy these leaders are. If you don't see and hear your enemy up close and personal how can you know if they are truly the enemy...

  3. You guys aren't alone in the mixed emotions department. I had, and to a certain extent still have, mixed emotions. On the one hand, Columbia has a whole helluva lot of "baggage" I disagree with, chief among which is their prohibition of ROTC on campus. And there's just something naggingly offensive about one of our most "prestigious" universities inviting that weird slimeball demagogue to address the student body. It took a LOT for me to get over the last point.

    Thanks for the votes of confidence about my political stuff. I DO enjoy posting it but I don't want to become a one-trick pony.

  4. Buck, Thanks for posting the links yesterday...it was a little crazy here so I still need time to digest it all, I've had mixed emotions regarding all of this. I'm just wondering why? why is he here? why did they invite him? Is someone really going to think "Hmmm, that America invited the Iranian president to speak...they sure believe in free speech...I don't hate America anymore"
    I know that's a simplistic view...and I'm sure that wasn't anyone's objective, but what is Columbia trying to prove?
    And regarding your blog..It's one of my favorites because you're not a "one-trick pony"

  5. Triple E sez: what is Columbia trying to prove?

    I'm not too sure about that myself. I'm giving Dr. Bollinger a HUGE "benefit of the doubt" by taking him at his word: the batshit-crazy person was invited as an exercise in academic inquiry.

    The flip side of that particular coin, of course, is the fact that the little SOB is on the record in other fora, so what's the point with honoring him by giving him a Columbia podium from whence to speak? And, as one person pointed out, the usual "Columbia" logos went missing on bth the podium and the backdrop for the speech... replaced with a nondescript "basic black" in both cases. Which is outside the norm of past "World Leaders Forum" presentations/speeches. (I forget exactly where I read this, coz I read SO much stuff on this event in the last 36 hours. Trust me. Please?)

  6. College students in the US are basically idiots....my wife, I, and the boys all have between 3 and 8 years each....

    Should Left Wing U let this clown speak....I don't care, but let's be honest, he is a terrorist and should not even be allowed in the country....would we have let Hitler in back in 42? Stalin in 47? Ho Chi in 71?

    I don't think so...and this guy is a Hitler in waiting....


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