Saturday, April 28, 2007

Putting Our Wind to Use

Today’s Pics: Yesterday was the first time I’d been up San Jon way in about two years or so. Normally there’s little or no reason for me to head in that direction as there are other, more direct routes to places I want to be, such as ABQ or Santa Fe. So it was with a great deal of surprise I noted the “sudden” emergence of a large-scale wind farm right there on the edge of The Cap. “Large-scale” means there are perhaps 50 of these towering wind generators…which is my best guess, as I didn’t do an actual count. Construction is continuing, also. I noted several large cranes in the area and more wind generators in the process of rising above the New Mexico plains.

Actually, I’m a bit surprised the installation didn’t begin sooner, as there are few better locations in the US of A for a wind-farm. We DO have a lot of wind in this part of the world…to state the obvious.

Wind farms fascinate me. I think they’re beautiful in a geeky sort of way…an array of towering, largely silent, electricity producing giants standing watch on hill sides and escarpments. As I said, beautiful in a "form and function," geeky sort of way.

Yesterday, near San Jon…which is visible five miles in the distance in the second pic.


  1. Windmills are good stuff. I like the physical ones a lot better than the philosophical ones.
    The RD is still in the shop and I don't expect it out till Thursday. I'm hoping for Tuesday or Wednesday... but given this shop's history, Thursday would be more realistic.

  2. This is such a good place for windfarms. We have been trying to get them to build on our ranch or my FIL's. But I think being a mile from the Melrose Bombing Range bufferzone is why they stay away.

  3. Jenny said: But I think being a mile from the Melrose Bombing Range bufferzone is why they stay away.

    Do you get a lot of low-flying F-16s around your property, Jenny? Coz if you do, you could be right about why they (the Power Co.) stays away. Those wind generator towers are pretty danged tall, my best guess is at least 50 feet, probably higher.

    And on another subject entirely...I'd be buying ear plugs by the case if you're that close to the range. When Special Ops moves in and starts training with their AC-130s you'll need those ear plugs!! The cannons the 130's carry make a helluva racket...much more so than practice bombs. I was miles and miles away from the range when I was down near Eglin in the FLA Panhandle and I could hear the cannons from literally miles away. And they like to train at night, too.


  4. They don't fly too low, they have a limit of how low they can fly around the range and bufferzone. Which they are trying to lower (and have been for a few years, even before Cannon got it's new mission). A few years ago some buzzed my husband out plowing. Some C-130s have been pretty low. We hear a big boom of the sound barrier every week or so (which freaked me out the first few times. I was running around the house try to figure out what heavy piece of furniture fell or if a truck drove into the house). And we can hear the "whoomp" of them dropping bombs and machine gun fire all the time. I don't mind it, used to it. They can do whatever they want as long as they don't start any more fires and burn my ranch down again. LOL!

    If the AC-130's are that bad, wonder if that noise is going to hurt my land value should I want to sell?

    I don't know about the wind generators at San Jon, but the ones by House and Elida are DANGED TALL. Just one prop is about 50 feet by itself.

  5. Jenny sez: If the AC-130's are that bad, wonder if that noise is going to hurt my land value should I want to sell?

    I wouldn't think so. "That bad" is a relative term, of course. I think the noise of trains going by El Casa Móvil De Pennington is probably much worse than what you'll hear from the '130s. But the noise from the '130's cannon firedid make me sit up and take notice the first time I heard it while I was in Florida. Probably along the same lines as those first sonic booms you heard...


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