Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Lied...

I said I wouldn’t…but…what the Hell. Me. Leathers. Yesterday morning after returning from The Big(ger) City TM.

For some strange reason the auto-focus didn’t work all that well (read that as: not at ALL) when I took the pictures, of which there were four; three have since been deleted. That just NEVER happens, but in this case it’s good for you, Gentle Reader. Soft-focus is an old trick aging movie stars and us lesser-lights use to conceal the ravages of time upon our once oh-so-beautiful visages. Or, in my case, an “interesting” face that Mom, for one, loved.

I disassembled myself before I transferred the pics from camera to computer and I wasn’t gonna re-assemble myself to get an in-focus pic. It’s more work than you might think to get into this get-up. And it was getting hot.

And now I must go out to Cannon Airplane Patch. I’m out of key consumables and need to make a commissary run. In the car. The Winds From Hell are still upon us.

I may be back later with News of the World. And I may not.


  1. I'd have to say that you look purty good in your leathers - like a real motorcycle man. I started to say that they look comfortable on you, but then I thought that sounded like a line out of Rooster Cogburn, and thought better of it.

    I keep thinking that I would post more pictures of my self if I could lose some weight, but it doesn't happen and so I don't. I'm glad you were brave enough to post a picture of yourself. I find it an encouragement.

  2. Ain't nothing wrong with that pic.

  3. I agree with the lovely ladies above... it must be in the genes.

  4. Lou sez: I keep thinking that I would post more pictures of my self if I could lose some weight, but it doesn't happen and so I don't.

    Please take this as encouragement, Lou: You should post pics of yourself, if only for the kids and the grand kids. If what I think is true is actually true...that being your blog is a sorta "life and times" chronicle...then you're short-changing your descendants by not posting pics.

    My mother had some of the same attitude as you and as a result we kids...and her grandchildren...are woefully short of "Mom pics." Like you, my Mom was a beautiful woman, but she had "issues" with her weight. I suppose all women do...but that's quite another story.

    It's hard to put this into words without sounding either condescending or patronizing, and I certainly don't want to do that. There's no hidden meaning here, just a simple exhortation to "just DO it!" :-)

    Laurie: But there's nothing much right with it, either! :-)

    Sam: In the genes, fer sure. But whose genes? I think your Mom comes through much moreso than I... Just sayin'!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, Buck.


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