Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kinda-Sorta Interesting

The strangest link I’ve ever gotten…Linguistics Division. I chased up a “Referring URL” link in Site Meter this morning from the “ee” domain, thinking “ee?” Where’s “ee?” Turns out it’s Estonia, and the link is to last night’s post. Screen shots below. (While we’re on it, ain’t babelfish grand?)

It doesn’t take much to get a link out of this blog…as far as I can tell, the sole reason I’m linked is I included an oh-so-brief reference to the Baltic Sea last evening when I mentioned the color of the old Beemer. Must be a bot...but a pretty sophisticated bot, especially for a blog.

But…I wish I could read the blog. Lotsa news articles about Estonia, a country which intrigues me for their amazing and rapid economic success, world-class IT infrastructure and famously-beautiful women (work safe—unless your work place has something against bikinis).

Now there are a few reasons to link me. Beats talking about the color of my old car.

Back in a bit…

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