Friday, April 27, 2007

All in the Family...

Today’s Pic: The first pic was purloined from SN1’s blog…Grandson Sean astride Buck’s new ride, which is really red, not orange as one might could think by looking at the pic. SN1 tells me his digital camera didn’t fall immediately to hand yesterday when it was time to take Baby’s First Picture… so the cell phone camera was deployed, necessity being a Mother, and all that. The bottom pic is more color balanced, what with being taken by Professional Photographers With Expensive Equipment.
Nice looking scoot, eh? It’s one of Rusty Kowalski’s famed Ninjas, in the budget-friendly 650cc size. It’s powered by a water-cooled, fuel injected, parallel twin and is much more ergonomically correct than full-bore sporting Ninjas. It’s received great reviews, too.
The inevitable question(s) will soon arise, since both SN1 and I just bought bikes in the 650 class: Which is faster? Which handles better? And so on… Answers just might be provided in June, as I’m planning on riding the Suzuki up to Utah for granddaughter Monique’s graduation. Buck and I just might go riding together, once or twice. There are some pretty kewl roads in his neck of the woods.
Speaking of riding…today is a LOT better, weather-wise, than yesterday. The wind came up yesterday afternoon while I was finishing up the chores, i.e., giving El Casa Móvil De Pennington and the Suzuki wash jobs. El Casa Móvil is bright and shiny and all ready for a fresh coating of bird poop. Such are the hazards of being docked under a large tree. But I digress. The ‘Zuki is all bright and shiny, too, and whispering to me through the window…”Let’s ride…Let’s RIDE…”
So…It’s off to San Jon and the only respectable twisty-turnies within two hours of here…about six relatively tight turns in a 1.75 mile stretch. I’ll ride about an hour an a half to get there, all for about three minutes of sporting riding. But I’ll do it two or three times. Up and down. Rinse. Repeat.
More about that after I return…


  1. Cute pic!! Sounds like a fun road trip, but long on a bike. Not being a biker myself, I probably wouldn't enjoy riding that far out in the open elements of the desert's summer. But like I said, I'm not a biker.

    Ugh, San Jon. Hubby has family there. Truly white trash branch. We try not to claim them when in public. He likes to say "I'd rather be alone than with the San Jons".

  2. Already planning a route to check out this weekend! 4-5 hour ride through the mountains northeast of here. I should report back on the suitability of those roads late in the weekend. Can't wait!

    SN2 needs to get off the pot, throw a leg over a sweet new thing and join us for some ear-to-ear grin inducing, two-wheeled excitement!! Travel distance from Omaha to easy 926 miles. Hardly more than the 870 dad will ride to get here. What say you?



  3. You're killing me. That's what I say. But my more analytical side thinks that I'm probably going to rent my house in Maine and rent a house here, so I won't need to be saving so much cash these days AND I might just head down to the local bike shop for a Ninja 650R.
    I have it under good advice that it's a good bike.
    I need to talk to my wife and discuss. We'll see.

  4. Great pic. You boys be safe!

  5. Jenny: San Jon is arguably the ugliest little town in New Mexico. Stands to reason that it would produce white trash...IMHO. I cannot imagine living there. Not even in my wildest nightmares.

    The ride up and back wasn't all that bad, save for the wind. The temps were just about perfect, but I can agree with you about the summer. Riding in full leather on a 90+ degree day isn't all that comfortable. Sorta like a (rapid, very rapid) movable sauna, it is.

    Buck and Sam... Family Communication via blog. Interesting!! :-)


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