Thursday, December 28, 2006

The New Year Approaches at Flank Speed

Curt at Flopping Aces asks “Can Cindy Sheehan get anymore nuttier?” You need to read Curt’s post before you follow the link to Moonbat-Central. I assume Curt is posing a rhetorical question, but I think you and I both know the answer is “yes.” Yes, indeed. Her nuttiness has no boundaries at all. But blaming President Ford for creating what she calls “Bloody George” is so far over the top it boggles the mind.
But wait! There’s more… Kim Priestap at Wizbang adds “…Cindy's logic is so idiotic and void of any rational thought what so ever, that we're all dumber for just having read it.” And John Hinderaker says “We haven't said anything about Cindy Sheehan for a long time. What's interesting is that neither, for the most part, have the Democrats. Mainstream liberals have dropped her like a hot potato as her nuttiness has increasingly been revealed.”
Mainstream Libs may have dropped her, but the Serious Moonbats haven’t. Mother Sheehan is still an icon to some. As Mom used to say… “You’re known by the company you keep.”
(2006-12-28) — With just 23 months before the next presidential election, former Sen. John Edwards, D-NC, announced today that he would seek the Democrat nomination for president in 2008, 2012 and 2016, but refused to comment on his plans for 2020.
“Americans are looking for a candidate with experience running for president,” said an unnamed campaign spokesman. “In 2018, when John Edwards is 65, he’ll have spent 16 years seeking the office and have four campaigns under his belt. We think that will position him well for victory in 2020.”
Heh. Double-heh. Read the whole thing!
It should be a quiet New Year’s Eve in P-Town and vicinity, what with New Year’s Eve falling on a Sunday this year. Longtime readers will understand why I say this. In the past I’ve railed against our Blue Laws, i.e., you cannot even buy a glass of wine with your dinner on Sunday, let alone anything else alcoholic. What cruel twist of fate for the younger crowd! I assume the Club out at the base will have a party, but I don’t really know for sure. Besides that, it’s not a safe assumption that the military will Party-Hardy in this day and age. Witness the "Culture of Responsible Choices." (Hat tip to Mike for that.)
Excuse me, but I’m going to be sick now.
Ah. Better. Back to the subject at hand… I’m not at all disconcerted with the fact the bars won’t be open on New Year’s Eve, being as how I’m “of a certain age.” Truth be told, I rarely ventured out onto the bar circuit on New Year’s Eve even when I was younger. The Ol’ Man used to call New year’s Eve “Amateur Night,” and he had it right. Best just to stay in and party with a few close friends. And with that, I give you…
Today’s Pics: A couple of shots from New Year’s Eve, 1998. This was the last time I threw a party of any sort, and it was a good one. My house, 12/31/1998, Rochester, NY.
Once again, I apologize for the poor quality of the pics. First-generation digital camera, and all that.


  1. Egad... Read the Cindy stuff... can't think of anything to say that hasn't already been said.

    Nice pics of the old homestead.

  2. Love that line “…Cindy's logic is so idiotic and void of any rational thought what so ever, that we're all dumber for just having read it.” (I can think of a couple of blogs I've come across where that could apply...)

    Beautiful home, Buck. Looks like a happy time.

    I'm not sure what we're doing this New Year's Eve. Probably not much. Do you think that having been in the military gives you a whole new outlook on the holiday? You don't often learn "carousing" from your family, do you? ;)

  3. I thought the bars in NM would be open on Sunday, but close at midnight - at least that is the way things work in Red River. Does NM have county laws or city laws governing the liquor (like Texas)?

    Beautiful home and people - I bet those are good memories.

    Hey Bec, I did learn carousing from my parents. They use to take us kids dancing with them. Dad said he was raising his own dance partner. Those are good memories.

  4. Lou,
    Aww, sounds like your parents gave you lots of wonderful memories. :)
    My parents used to show off the jitterbug to my brother and me. They were good, too! Our social dancing wasn't nearly as fun when we were growing up. If you did the jitterbug, you were considered uncool. I started off with such "cool" dances as the Twist and went on to the Pony and the Jerk. Or else just bouncing around. I knew ballet, but that was absolutely no help. Did you learn some good dances?

    Getting back to carousing, though, ("to engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking"), I meant imbibing the sort of hard stuff that is unaccessible from certain NM establishments past a certain hour??

  5. We didn't carouse in my home. We didn't do New Year's Eve parties, either. Our New Year's Eve consisted of listening to Big Ben chime midnight in London on Dad's short wave radio. It was 6:00 PM local time.

    I remember my first NYE in Naples...but I think I'll save that story to post on Sunday.

  6. Bec said: Do you think that having been in the military gives you a whole new outlook on the holiday? You don't often learn "carousing" from your family, do you? ;)

    Well, yes and yes. MY military was very alcohol-friendly, as was my father's, so it's entirely "normal" for me to link New Year's Eve and alcohol. As I indicated in the original post, that's not the case today. The military in general and the AF in particular have long been deglamorizing alcohol, and it's getting worse (or better, depending on your POV) as time goes on.

    I sorta did learn carousing from my parents. Both parents were partiers, both drank. I grew up with it, and that was both good and bad...I'll not elaborate further, except to say... On the first night of my first leave home from the AF my father and I sat down and pretty much drained a bottle of Jack Daniels. I was 18...

    I carouse regularly with SN1 and SN2, btw. It's sort of a tradition! :-)

    Bec also said: Beautiful home, Buck. Looks like a happy time.

    Thanks! The house was pretty cool, TSMP picked it out. As for a "happy time," it was anything but. The party was sort of a parting shot for that house...the house was sold when I had the party and I moved out about two weeks later. TSMP and I had seperated four months prior. Not a good time in my life. At all. But the party was fun!

    Lou: Ya know, I don't know for a fact the bars are closed this coming Sunday. I just assumed "the law is the law." And the law is local in some places, e.g., you can buy a drink on Sunday in ABQ and Santa Fe, and most likely in the casinos, too. But since I've never been in a casino, I'm speculating...again! :-)


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