Friday, September 29, 2006

Late Start, Again

Wow. So much going on and I just got up. Dubya has apparently ripped up or otherwise desecrated the constitution with the help of those nasty Rethug congresscritters and a few turncoat Democrats. Lefties all over America are being hospitalized with severe, life threatening cases of The Vapors and I haven’t even poured my first cup of coffee.

Ah. The coffee is done. I really didn’t want to post without the minimum prescribed caffeine content. That’s dangerous and, quite frankly, stupid.

Ya know that project I said I had to work on yesterday? I finished it at oh-dark-thirty this morning. You can see it here, if you’re so inclined.

Today’s Pic: An F-86 at the Cannon AFB Air Park, taken yesterday. The F-86 is arguably the prettiest jet fighter in the world, and I’m of an age such that I remember seeing them on the ramp and in the air, in front-line service with the USAF. I was on active duty with the USAF and saw Sabres in front-line service with the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force and The Republic of China Air Force.

Also of note: See the flags in the pic? They’re not waving in the breeze. And that’s a rarity around here, believe me! I’ll be back later on…


  1. Well, my gosh! If Flat Stanley can make a blog, what am I worried about!

    That was fantastic, Buck! See? I knew you had it in you to be a novelist!! :)

    We had a Flat Stanley visit us once, too! He was visiting us from Montana and he had a great time at the beach. The only problem was that he was the same size as his friend, Ruthie, and he was kinda hard to pose. He required several group shots, in fact. Your Stanley looked ready for anything and it looks like you gave him a really swell time! :)

  2. Flat Stanley really makes the rounds, doesn't he? Sheri, the lady who is in the Flat Stanley pics taken at my dentist's office, knew ALL about Stanley, as she used to be an elementary school teacher.

    Sheri had her class do a Flat Stanley project every year for three years or so, but in a different manner. Her class sent Stanley off, then the recipient forwarded him to another location, and on, and on, until the end of the school year, when he returned. The class got post cards, photos, and such for the entire year as Stanley went here and there...all over the world!

    Pretty cool!


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