Saturday, February 04, 2012

An Announcement From The Popular Men's Liberation Front

Call and response from a previous post...

Moogie P said...
Who are you, and what have you done with Sensitive 70s-Kind-of-Guy Buck!
2/04/2012 3:40 PM

BloggerBuck said...
We're holding him in an undisclosed location. He's safe... for the moment... but you should send us a case of Abita seasonal product and three dozen fresh and shucked oysters via Next Day Air if you ever want to see him again. You know how to get ahold of us.
We're NOT bluffing.  Do what you think is right.
      -- The PMLF, posting from Buck's account.


  1. The PMLF?

    No way.

    And, don't give me "WAY!" in response.

    I'll never believe it.

    Well, maybe.

    wv: matrimony


  2. To Buck's kidnappers: I hope you're at least giving the guy his beer and cigars during this stressful time. In case you don't know, he gets mighty testy without them.

  3. The Popular Men's Liberation Front05 February, 2012 13:26

    Andy: Believe it. But you're not on the target list... you had waaaay too many 'A' and 'B' answers.

    Dan: Rest assured we're taking good care of him. He has (soon to be "had") a most remarkable inventory in both his fridge and humidor. This is one of our better hostage-taking experiences.

  4. Right now, I wish they would come kidnap Toby.

  5. They MIGHT be headed yer way, Lou. Hide yer beer.


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