Monday, February 06, 2012

More Miscellanea

It's that time again... where we're gonna be watching Red Eye exclusively on the DVR so we can fast-forward through those gotdamned hoodie-footie and Vermont teddy bear commercials.  I smileys me some technology, which also tends to keep my blood pressure at a reasonably healthy level.


Speaking of V-Day...  I got this in the mail today:

The former objects of my affection would have had my head if I bought them sumthin' like a mixer for V-Day.  Unless she specifically asked for one, of course.  There IS that particular exception.  I got curious while looking at the above and wondered what the goin' rate for perfume is these days, so I went, looked, and got confused.  Note:

I understand the difference between cologne and perfume, but both items 1 and 5 above are billed as "Eau de Parfum spray."  Yet the 3.4 ounce bottle is MUCH cheaper than the 1.7 ounce version.  Bad ad copy, perhaps?  Apropos o' not much... Taylor Swift is pretty proud of her smell, ain't she?


There's nothing new or interesting from the Usual USAF Source this morning, but there IS some news on the USAF home front.  It can now be revealed that SN1 is off for his third tour to the desert (not counting TDYs and Desert Storm) this coming summer, where he'll take command of an aircraft maintenance squadron at Al Dhafra AB in the UAE.  His new assignment makes me pretty happy as a father, seein' as how he won't be subject to mortar or rocket attacks, unlike the places he served in his previous two tours in the AOR.  I should say there's significantly less chance of nastiness, because we remember stuff like the Khobar Towers bombing.  Rumor also has it there's beer to be had in the UAE, too.  That's a Good Thing.


In other USAF news... I have it on pretty good authority that at least one Air Force general officer has delayed retirement by a couple o' months because they don't want Barack Obama to sign their retirement certificate.  The general officer in question has reportedly contacted the office of President Dubya in Texas, requesting him to sign the retirement certificate rather than the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  A decision should be forthcoming in a month or so, which is the reason for the general's delayed retirement date.  Two thangs here:  (a) I didn't know presidents signed retirement certificates; maybe that's an O vs. E thang or mebbe it's a relatively new development (Reagan would've signed mine, but his sig is conspicuously absent on my certificate) and (b) it's interesting that ANY president can sign.  I learn sumthin' about Not Your Father's Air Force every danged day.  Oh... there's a third thang, too.  GOOD on that general in question!  


  1. Glad the PMLF let you go. It musta been a terrible ordeal.

    "TS is pretty proud of her smell" Heh!

    Glad SN1 has a safe assignment this time; I'm sure it helps his dad sleep a little sounder.

    Good on that AF General. Your note prompted me to check my dad's discharge papers. His honorable discharge from the Army AF in June of 1946 was signed by a Major Sorenson. But included in his packet is a very nice form letter actually signed by Harry Truman. Dad had gone into the service in April of '45. Lots of guys were apparently called in that spring before the decision was made to drop the bomb. I for one am glad Truman was in a position to make that decision. Not sure what FDR would have done. At least he had earlier approved the research and development that led to Little Boy and Fat Man.

  2. Taylor Swift - has about as much to do with that perfume as I do. And I think Ms Swift, while musically talented, is over-exposed and boring.


    Good on the general indeed! And even better on SN1 to avoid harm's way this go around.

    And beer too? Nice.

  3. Glad the PMLF let you go. It musta been a terrible ordeal.

    The bastards drank all my beer and put a serious dent in the humidor's contents before they left. Frickin' terrorists.

    Thanks for the kind words about SN1, Dan... and for the story about your Dad's discharge cert and letter. My father had his retirement cert framed and hung on the wall of his den, but I can't remember seein' Ike's signature on it.

    Taylor Swift - has about as much to do with that perfume as I do.

    Well... at least TS is alive and well, unlike some other purveyors of parfum. I'm thinkin' of Coco here... whose fifth concoction was my Mom's signature scent, like so many other ladies of the '40s, '50s, and '60s. Today, too... for that matter.

    And beer is always nice! I think I'll crack one right now.

  4. Baby you stink, here's my giftal nice06 February, 2012 15:15

    Little known to non-wiki aficionado's, there is a rank involved in scented water (Eau pronounced like "oh!") :

    1. Eau de Parfum (EdP)
    2. Parfum de Toilette (PdT)
    3. Eau de toilette (EdT)
    4. Eau de Cologne (EdC)

    So a girl that gets EdP is HtT (Hot to Trot) non, oui, si?

    Not sure I would give any women a gift that advertises smelling like a teen though.

  5. Well, I knew there were two levels involved, but not four. Agreed on the "smell like a teen" thang. I want MY women to smell like Monroe, not some teeny-bopper.

  6. A linky, in case the Monroe reference was too obscure.

  7. Alas, commanders do a lot of TDY. Your son may spend much face time anywhere his planes bed down.

    When I used to fly we would have the CC and DCM pop up like ground hogs when you least expect them.

  8. I hate to see SN1 headed away from family and friends, but it is good that he will be relatively safe - no pun intended.

    Smart advice on the mixer, but I feel the same way about perfume and flowers. I'll take them and be nice, but they are not special - and all women want "special."

  9. I gave my wife skillets a couple of years ago for Valentine's Day.

    She loved it.

    That's interesting about the AF General holding off. But, if any Prez can sign off, Dubya could go ahead and do it now, it would seem.

    But, of course, he wouldn't. He's a pretty classy guy, and wouldn't want to bitchslap Obama like that.

  10. Oh wait! Maybe I misunderstood the story. The General is not waiting for ObozO to leave office...he's just waiting for Dubya to decide whether to sign him out.?.?.?

    If it's regularly done, I hope Dubya does it. If it's not, I doubt he will.

  11. And I think Ms Swift, while musically talented, is over-exposed and boring. Amen Kris; and she can't sing either.

  12. Anon: I ran your comment by SN1 last evening and he told me most of his assets don't deploy. That said, he acknowledged that there will be some TDY involved.

    ...and all women want "special."

    Ain't THAT the truth! ;-)

    Andy: The signings by a former president are routine, according to my source.

    Deb: What do ya have against Ms. Swift? I doubt I could name a single song of hers, so I speak from ignorance.

  13. Good on the General, who could blame him!
    Chocolate will get you through the door on V-day, works for mine anyway!
    Our kids have friends in service and they are being sent all over the UAR. I wonder if we (The U.S.) are "staging," just in case Iran finally pisses off the world! Makes you wonder.

  14. Kudos to the General. GWB signed my papers (he was still in office) and my lovely wife has stated many times that she will only retire AFTER BO is out of office so as to not have his name anywhere near her paperwork!

    Glad to hear SN1 will be relatively safe this go round; but tell him to keep his head down none the less!


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