Friday, February 03, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

We're continuing on in that Al Green groove...

Today I saw somebody
Who looked just like you
She walked like you do
I thought it was you
As she turned the corner
I called out your name
I felt so ashamed
When it wasn't you
Wasn't you
This actually happened to me.  It happened in the Ramstein AB Exchange and the girl I thought I saw was this woman, my partner in a semi-crime.  Or a lapse in good judgment.  Whatevah.  The woman who was my case o' mistaken identity looked at me with a mixture of confusion, fear, and god-only-knows what else when I touched her sleeve and whispered "Claudine?"  At which point in time I realized I had f*cked up, Big-Time.  I backed away... beet-red of face and stammering apologies... feelin' like the total dork that I WAS.  God only knows (again) what would have happened if it HAD been Claudine.  There was a point in time when I was totally in love with that woman but that was before I met The Second Mrs. Pennington, who I was married to when the Ramstein BX event occurred.  Thangs just might have gotten completely out o' control, given the fact I was TDY to Ramstein at the time and at loose ends for the next week.

BTW... it wasn't unreasonable of me to think Claudine might have been in Ramstein, as it was only a couple o' years previous when she and her husband PCS'ed there.  Yeah, her husband... our 18-month affair was slightly before I got religion in the form of the usual, customary, and reasonable moral standards.

I hadn't thought about that incident in years, but it all came back to me in a flash.  Such is the power and glory (?) o' music, eh?

In other news... We cut our al fresco Happy Hour short, given the fact it's clouded over and rather cool outside.  But we're continuing as we've begun... inside.


  1. You're mistake...

  2. The Al Green groove is a good one to get in.

    Isn't that mistaken identity thing just a step away from that old cliched intro line "haven't I seen you somewhere before?" Wonder what might have happened had you pursued that path?

  3. Wonder what might have happened had you pursued that path?

    Well, if it would have been who I thought it was things would've not been good. "Seen me SOMEWHERE before?" might have been the mildest sort of reaction. Remember: we were lovers for a year and a half.

    I REALLY thought the woman was who I thought she was... the resemblance was on a scale somewhere between uncanny and bizarre. It was only after she looked directly at me (in shock and surprise) that I realized I screwed up.

  4. Another Auld Lang Syne.

    Isn't the Prez gonna duet with Al?

    W/V. cocter. I'm not going there.

  5. Just the opposite, people will stop me, say hello, and I have no idea who they are. I pretend to know them, all the while searching my brain.

    It usually takes them telling me about some experience we had, and then I remember them, but I still don't remember their name.

    I must appear to be a wretched person not to remember, but I don't dwell on the past I guess.

    Some have photographic memories or something.

  6. Dick, Peter, and a Wiggler04 February, 2012 18:25

    Here's a fun song with a cow bell and Doctor Dick and Professor Peter.

    If you tell a girl to not wiggle her sticks, she will wiggle them out of spite, and then scratch her nose with them...

  7. Funny how those memories come back when you least expect them.

  8. Moogie: I don't think the Prez is willing to share his stage with anyone.

    Anon: That used to happen to me on AF bases back while I was still in the service. About the third time it happened The Second Mrs. Pennington asked me "can't we go ANYWHERE in the AF where you're not recognized?"

    Wiggler: That was pretty good. Into ukes of late, eh?

    Lou: The Power o' Music.™

  9. God! I went to the music store Saturday and there on the shelf was a Uke for sale. No, No, Aieeee.

    Nope, I didn't buy it, but I bought some strings for my guitar and some drum sticks for when I'm sitting in traffic!


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