Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So there I was... watching Red Eye this evening (or this morning, if'n ya get technical about it) and that gotdamned Pajamagram ad for Hoodie-Footies came on at every freakin' commercial break.  EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.  I danged near wore out my mute button but then it struck me...  There's no diversity in this ad!  None at all!  Look:

All 12 of those women are blue-eyed blondes... all of 'em.  Doesn't this break some sorta law?  I mean ain't this America?  What's wrong with the Pajamagram people?  Didn't they get the memo?  I'm gonna call the EEOC or someone like 'em and see if I can't get the ads pulled.  Or mebbe I'll just sue... coz I'm offended.  Racists!

OTOH, mebbe I'll buy one of those damned thangs for every woman in my fam'bly, select friends, and mebbe a few strangers, too.  One or the other.


  1. Chastity Pajama's13 December, 2011 05:36

    Those things suck. You can't have sex with them. I would be out of the mood by the time she got out of that contraption.

    I like pants you can yank down, plow the field, and then have breakfast brought to me in the morning.

  2. You can't have sex with them.

    Er, uh, it ain't the pajamas I want to have sex with.

    Possible that they're all the same gal, Buck? I can't quite tell from the pic.

  3. I'm with Andy. My first thought... after you mentioned there was no diversity... was she just changed outfits. It makes perfect sense to only pay one model.

    I think I'll sidestep the issue of sex. My mind went off on a tangent.

  4. Maybe if you buy the things, it draws blue-eyed blonds to your place to fill 'em. Did you ever consider THAT?

  5. Lou: OK... noted!

    Chastity: I like the breakfast ideer.

    Andy: They're different wimmen. I say that after extensive study of the full-size pic. I could see why you'd think that, tho. Coz MOST model-spokespersons look alike. I think the leading model-spokesperson school in the nation is located in Stepford, CT.

    Skip: My mind went off on a tangent or two while I was studying the full-size version of that pic.

    Jim: No, I never considered that. I have other ways of baiting the hook.

  6. I was up watching red eye this morning, too! I thought about your earlier post concerning these useless outfits, although the Cougar one might be appropriate.

    Are these garments fireproofed? Yes, that attractive girl is getting way too worked up about dressing like three year old.

    Is there an access point to remove her diapers?
    will want to know.

  7. I'm assuming you call them racists because they're wearing racing suits?

    v-word is litigabi

  8. Darryl: At least the cougar version has a handle you can grab in cases of need. I like that.

    Ivan: Yeah, sumthin' like that.


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