Monday, December 12, 2011

The 27th Special Operations Wing Wishes You Happy Holidays

And a Merry Christmas, too... although the HH language outnumbers "Merry Christmas" by about five to one.  Big sigh...

So, we're just in from running our errands and while we were out we stopped at the Cannon Airplane Patch airpark just inside the main gate to take a few cheesy cellphone pics of the various units' Christmas greetings, and there were a lot of 'em.  And here we go...

The beginning of the unit displays

"Non-standard" refers to the fact this unit flies a specially modified bid'niz aircraft.

 Cannon has a UAV unit, too.  These guys obviously fly Reapers.

SN1's old unit... the Fireballs.  The 522nd flew F-16s when Buck was with 'em.

 Hey!  You're not THE Green Hornets!  Stop that!

Saving the best for last... Have a KILLER holiday!

Click to embiggen, of course.  Right-click on the images once you get into Blogger's new-fangled (and ugly) pic viewer and choose "view image" if ya wanna see the full size pic.


  1. Mon trucs c'est briser12 December, 2011 14:12

    My damned Ford started acting up. Every couple of weeks or so it cranks and cranks, and runs on one cylinder, coughing and sputtering.

    Leave it alone for 30 minutes and all is fine again. So last week I replaced the fuel filter. Nope it did it again.

    So I called my boss and said I would be late today, to drop it off. NOPE, the damned furnace fan decided to not run anymore! The house was getting colder, and it started to smell like hot-something or other.

    Went up into the rafters, saw the burner on but no fan. Hmm, so I took the cover off to let God have a look-see, and the fan was humming away but no rotation.

    Aha, so I reached in, and gave the squirrel-cage a spin and away she went. Well, until the house heated and it shut off, and I had to climb up again. Repeat...

    Called my favorite heater people, and here it is afternoon and I'm still two away in line. I hope they don't have to buy a fan, because they will be closed by the time they get here.

    I hope it is just the start capacitor. That's usually what it is, if the fan still works after a hand spin.

    I guess I'll be late tomorrow too. Sure glad I am overpaid, as this is costing me a days wage. When it rains, it pours...

  2. Ooh, look! I see geese in the upper right of the first pic.

  3. Darn signs are blocking what should have been nice views of an F-86 & F-101. Where's the consideration?

  4. Cool signs~ I like the last one too.

  5. My favorite sign is the 522nd.

  6. Out-freakin'-standing! I love em all, but then again I probably love the men and women who made them, even more.

  7. Santa's missing a few reindeer in that last one.

  8. trucs: Wow. You had quite the day, dintya?

    Skip: Those are Special Operations geese. You wouldn't want 'em on your lawn.

    Dave: I hear ya, but it's only for a short while.

    ss: Yeah, the Spectre guys have a strange (yet appealing) sense of humor. Or sumthin'.

    Lou: Them Fireballs are cool guys.

    Kris: I hear ya!

    Andy: That's the sports-sleigh... for local deliveries.

  9. I don't want any geese on my lawn IYKWIM

    v-word = memoomon

  10. I DO know whut ya mean. I have one of those tee shirts. It smells bad.

  11. The units here at Eddie's Airplane Patch have yet to get theirs out by the exchange and commissary!


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