Thursday, December 08, 2011

It's Foam Rubber Brick Time

As in a foam rubber brick to throw at my teevee when these egregious "holiday" ads come on:

Sometimes I think it's too bad the FCC eliminated the "equal time" doctrine, coz I'd love to see some of those fatass "People Women of Wal-Mart" all dolled up in a hoodie-footie.  Now THAT would be worth watching.

PS: The vid above is last year's ad which has SOME redeeming social value, what with the skimpy outfit included in the twofer.  This year's ad has yer usual svelte chick goin' on about how she used to wear layers and layers of stuff to bed but hubby solved THAT problem by buying her an adult-size infant and/or child's sleeper.  Yeah... that's just the ticket for yer Inner Pedophile.


  1. That's just funny. The weird, pseudo-bunny suit combined with sexy lingerie.

  2. Inner pedophile. Do you suppose the ad was put together at Penn State?

  3. Andy: Yeah the irony... intended or not... runs deep in that one.

    Moogie: I don't think so, mainly coz this ad is hetero.

  4. Well, it's better'n a chia pet

  5. How much for the woman? I'd pay top dollar to have her hate me and wreck my life!

  6. I wonder if the hoodie thang comes in short and fat.

  7. @Lou - Nyuk!

    Hey, I want one! In fact, I'll take both.

  8. Skip: I'm not so sure about that.

    Darryl: I think your Spousal Unit might object.

    Lou: Prolly. Ya gonna get one? ;-)

    Andy: Heh.


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