Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Linkage & A Minor Bitch, Piss, and Moan (Or Two)

First... Blog-Bud Jim, aka Suldog, puts the Christmas ditty he penned to music.  And the resulting one-man-band performance is awesome.  We (and not the Royal We, I mean YOU, too) need to convince him to YouTube the song.  So comment appropriately.

Second:  Lex takes us flying in the Kfir, here and here.  Is there a BETTER post-military retirement gig than flying fighters as a civilian?  I think not.


Department o' Miscellaneous Bitches & Complaints:   (1)  Remember a couple o' few days ago when I said we had a warm-up on the way?  Well, it's yet to arrive.  Yeah, it IS warmer, which is to say almost 50 degrees, but it's also windy, rainy, and blustery, accompanied by Mrs. Hippy levels of humidity.  There won't be an outdoor Happy Hour today, but we remain optimistic.  Mebbe tomorrow.

Well, mebbe not.  Dang.

(2)  I've been living in El Casa Inmóvil de Pennington for two and a half months now and I've yet to turn the water on in the guest bathroom's tub.  Let me clear: said tub has NEVER been wet.  Not once.  So, that said, why is the danged thing dirty?  I've been looking in that tub for a couple o' days now in the hopes it will somehow clean itself, or that perhaps the Cleaning Fairy will show up and do the obnoxious deed for me.  I haven't had ANY success in either case, so it looks like we'll have to add another chore to the ever-growing list.  A maid... A Man Needs A Maid. 


  1. Buck, you already know that I love you (in a he-man not-at-all-sexual way, of course) but praise like this is what keeps me going. Thanks, buddy!

  2. By the way...


  3. Buck thanks for sharing Suldog's link. I really enjoyed it.

    Also when that dang Cleaning fairy show's up~Send her/him (I'm hoping a him:) to my house.

  4. Stopsign beat me to it. Put me on the list!

  5. It was 19F when I climbed in my pickup this morning. You're having a heat wave, my friend.

  6. Thanks for that link, Jim. I guess my dream ain't new, eh?

    ss & Moogie: Duly noted. I'll send her around when she shows up.

    Dave: It sure don't FEEL like a heat wave.


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