Monday, December 05, 2011

In Which We Break Out the Winter Gear For to Fetch the Mail

Coz we knew these were in our mailbox:

Is this a case of adding insult to injury, or what?  That's why I look pissed, out o' focus, and not unlike Rasputin on a bad day.  Coz I AM all that and a bag o' chips.

That's a box o' Tabak Especial Cafe con Leches, by the way.  We buy a box o' these thangs every so often.

Wonderin' about the hat?  Go here.


  1. You look about as happy as a Red Wings fan, the day after, well, you know.

  2. Yeah, but we're still up on ya 2-1.

  3. I wondered why you were doing a Mad Russian impression.

  4. Grab some vodka, and do happy hour Russkie style.

  5. Lookin' good Buck, WX situation notwithstanding.

  6. Great pic! You look like Pasha (Tom Courtenay) in Dr. Zhivago. Instead of passion for communism, however, it's clear your passion is for cigars. Hope your weather gets better soon.

  7. Lou: Mainly coz I CAN. ;-)

    Dave: Vodka and I don't get along. Or rather: I don't care for the stuff.

    Kris: The WX situation ALWAYS impacts everythang.

    Dan: Thanks. Yeah, I kinda go overboard on the cigars.


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