Thursday, January 07, 2010

Baby It's COLD Outside!

We're just in from our walk up to the mail kiosk here in Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park... and we kinda-sorta enjoyed the oh-so-wintry 20 degree temps (that would be 7 degrees, with the wind chill figgered in).  I say "enjoyed" because the weather gives us an opportunity to play dress up.  Like this:

It's not often I get to break out the Ol Rooshian hat these days, which saw daily winter use back when I lived in Ra-cha-cha.  You should disregard the mixed sartorial messages, Gentle Reader.  I'm sure the combination of  hat, ancient field jacket, and kaffiya creates a serious WTF? moment for the casual observer.  Or perhaps a "what an idiot!" sort of reaction.  One never knows...

But... about the hat.  From an old post:
I bought the hat in a flea market while on one of my business trips to Moscow in the early '90s. I wanted a Russian air force hat for what should be obvious reasons...but, alas, there were none to be found that day. So...I bought the hat you see here, in Russian Navy Blue, which... all credit to our Russian comrades... is actually blue (the leather bits, not the fur)...unlike US Navy "blue," which we all know is black. Those of us with unimpaired color vision, anyway.
And here's a close up of the hat emblem:

I love wearing this thing... it's one of the better artifacts from Former Happy Days.


  1. A commie hat and a terrorists scarf…if I didn’t know better Buck…and saw you on the streets (of Rochester)…well, I’ll leave it there.

    Dude, you smile less than me.

  2. But... but... I AM smiling! Or as close as it gets, anyhoo. ;-)

  3. Looking good, Comrade Psycho. Is that a Katyusha in your pocket, or are you just happy to kill me?

  4. Like Andy said, looking good Comrade Buck! With that said, I'll take function over form any day.

    Although I think you need a Kalashnikov to complete the look.

  5. I like it. Cold weather is a serious business. :-)

  6. Dear Lord -- I was quite expecting to scroll down and see an M-16 leaning on the counter!!!

  7. Great hat! And, damn, it's cold everywhere!

  8. I've always liked the furry look.

    People here are a little freaked out about the cold weather. It is not the weather that freaks me, but the freaks themselves.

  9. I LOVE the hat and outfit. Very cool.

    It's minus 4 here right now, about the same as you so I could use that hat!

  10. You would have made a good looking cossack!


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