Monday, December 05, 2011

And the Hits Just Keep On Comin'...

Sorry about bein' a one-trick pony today but this is a rather extraordinary turn o' events, WX-wise.  From the NWS in ABQ:
Nowcast as of 11:30 am MST on December 5, 2011
Snow and gusty northeast winds will continue today across the east central and southeast plains...including Tucumcari...Clovis and Roswell. Areas of moderate snow...blowing snow and fog will reduce visibilities to less than a mile at times. Roads...bridges and overpasses may be icy or snowpacked...including Interstate 40 and in and around Tucumcari. Wind chills will be below 5 to 10 degrees along and just south of Interstate 40. Through 100 PM MDT... the area from Fort Sumner to Ragland to Glenrio and south to Clovis and Portales could see an additional 2 to 4 inches on snow. Travel will remain difficult over the region.
Yow.  I useta say we only get enough snow here on The High Plains o' New Mexico to remind me o' why I hate it so much; I may have to change my tune if this stuff keeps up.  The wind chill keeps dropping, too... and we're in the sub-zero range now.



  1. YUCK! Try to stay warm bud, and stay off the roads.

  2. "Yow" is a way milder word than what I use for that kind of weather. I hope you're stocked up with all the necessities for the week. Do you have the fixin's for a hot toddy?

  3. Deb: I ain't goin' anywhere soon.

    Red: I'm all stocked up, or as much as I need to be, which is to say beer, coffee, half & half, and various and sundry food items. As far as toddies go... does coffee and Kahlua count? That's what's on today's Happy Hour menu.

  4. Having an apartment should be much warmer and more comfy than the old El Casa Movil de Pennington , but more difficult to go south for the winter.

  5. Lou: Well, we still have ECMdP if the need to escape hits us. But you're right: the apartment is a LOT more comfy in this sorta WX. ECMdP was warm while the furnace was running but three minutes after it clicked off... arctic city.


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