Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Your Local On the Eights

Whereas yesterday was cold, gray, snowy, and blustery today is crystal clear and lovely... at least as far as appearances go.

View from my study window
Big-ass icicles
Looks pretty pleasant, doesn't it?  I particularly like the way the sun hits the crystallized snow and makes it all sparkly; it makes me wish I had a star filter to highlight the sparkles, coz otherwise they're hard to capture.  It's so pretty outside... all fresh and clean looking... that it almost makes me wanna suit up and get out in it.  Almost.


A tale o' two operating systems...  I fired up the desktop last night to pay some bills and was kinda surprised at this:

NO musical notes; XP, FF 8.0

Musical notes; Win 7, FF 8.0
How weird is that?  XP apparently won't display unicode characters, Windows 7 does.  This is the first time I've noticed this.  Did all y'all see the notes in yesterday's post title?  Or not?


  1. I see Musical Notes and I'm running XP.


    Nice snow! What type of camera do you use? I have two Nikon DSLR's and they have a half-assed star filter in the options in camera for playing with the photos. Still, a star filter, especially one that you can adjust is far better to capture the sparkles.

    I have to see if my old one can be found. I used to use all kinds of filters on my cameras for fun pix, but till I got the digital the cost made taking pictures not so much fun.

  2. What type of camera do you use?

    I have a Canon Rebel T3i and a couple o' lenses. My walkabout lens is a 28-135 zoom and I have a fixed length 55mm I use occasionally. Like you, I used to have a whole box full of different filters back in my film SLR days, and also like you I didn't take NEAR as many pics as I do today. Digital film and processing is pretty danged inexpensive. ;-)

    Strange that you see the notes in XP and I don't. Computers are such INTERESTING appliances.

  3. The Canon Rebel T3i is an awesome camera!

    Being that I have used Nikon for so long, and have a number of lenses that still can work on it, I opted for the D3100 and D5100 (I almost always have had two camera bodies so I could have them set with different lenses). Not quite the pixels amount that the Rebel has, but decent enough.

    I love the cost reduction that digital has brought. I find I'm taking a lot more pictures than ever before, mostly guilt free! Like using a polaroid, only better quality, faster, more options... heck, just better all around. heh.

    If I didn't have the Nikon gear, I would have most likely gone over to Canon. Great choice on your part.

  4. The big ass icicles remind me of when Bo and Jesse were kids in RR standing under the icicles and letting them drip into their mouths. Sure enough Bo knocked some icicles off hitting Jesse in the face. You know how you can see it coming, but you were too slow to stop it?

  5. Skip: Thanks.

    Anon: I had Olympus film SLR (an OM-1) and several lenses... and I still have the thing, even though I haven't ran a roll of film through it in over ten years. If Olympus had made a dSLR that would have accepted my lenses I would have stayed with them out o' sheer cheapness. But, noooo...

    I also have a Canon G5 grab-shot camera that I've had for about six years. I used that thing more often than the SLR up until the battery needed replacing, and then I quit, mainly coz I didn't wanna spend fifty bucks on a new battery. I told ya I'm cheap.

    Lou: I hear about knowing what's coming and bein' unable to stop it. It's a sick feelin'.


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