Friday, July 08, 2011

We Haven't Talked About the WX Lately

That's mainly because it's been rather pleasant of late, which is to say: no wind, or not much of it.  Yes, it's been warm but this IS New Mexico... summer is supposed to be warm in these parts.  But I do have some issues.  Like this:

Note the "feels like" entry under the temp.  And then consider this:

The two WX stations are separated by mebbe ten miles, as the crow flies.  It "feels like" 97 because it really IS 97... or less.

I think I'll go sit out under the awning, read the paper, have a beer, and burn a cigar.  It's a fine day for all three.


  1. Feels like ... a couple of beers at that balmy temperature. And a nice dip in the pool as well. Then it will feel like wet while satisfied.

  2. We have a weather station at Cannon. Would be nice to know that ours is the one giving you the good info, but I can't be sure.

  3. I wish I had a pool, Anon. Today is just perfect for the occasional dip.

    Andy: We've talked about this before, and I do believe the WX station at Cannon... the one providing the illustrated report... is one of yours.

  4. I may be younger than you, Buck, but my memory is worse. I would bet on it.

    We don't hear from the maintainers at Cannon much, which speaks well for the accuracy of the equipment.

  5. It's been hot up in the upper-right of the country. Today wasn't terribly so, but it was rainy and warm. Nasty combo.

    I ventured outside yesterday, I put together our new grill and christened it with some hotdogs and burgers, which I then followed up with a nice Partagas... Just a tad uncomfortably warm and humid, but completely enjoyable, until the mosquitoes chased is inside.

    I think I'm going to have to get a box of those cigars, I'm dying for another.

  6. What flavor of Partagas, Matt? Their Spanish Rosados are a fave around here and I like their "Black" line, too. Good stuff!

  7. It feels like 873 degrees in New Orleans.

  8. I remember Gulf Coast summers all TOO well, Moogie. My first one was spent in an UN-air-conditioned barracks. That sucked.


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