Friday, July 08, 2011

Just In From ADWH*

* After Dinner Whiskey Hour

Just a couple o' things... the first of which is good news, kinda-sorta.  It was two weeks ago when I last provided a kitty update and I feared the worst had happened at that point in time.  I'm pleased (?) to report the kittehs are alive and well but seemed to have increased their range... which is to say they're no longer hangin' about the premises of ECMdP.  They've increased their number by one, too.  Whereas there used to be four kittens there now are five.  I know for a fact I could not have possibly missed that fifth kitteh, seein' as how the four of 'em provided me with a couple o' weeks worth o' entertainment.  And there were only four... trust me on that.

So where did kitteh number five come from?  Ah, sweet mystery o' life... (The pic is a long-lens shot of but one kitty as they seem to have adopted an aversion to me of late.  I think they know sumthin'... or sense it.)


I downloaded Pandora for Android a couple o' few days ago and am mightily disappointed.  Not in Pandora itself, mind you... which remains the best thing since sliced bread... but in Sprint's 3G network, which doesn't support the Pandora feed well.  Which is to say the feed is plagued with drop-outs, which do not occur with any rhyme or reason.  Yesterday and the day before I had to quit listening during Happy Hour, because all those damned drop-outs made the feed unlistenable (which Firefox tells me isn't a real word, but I know different).  But tonight?  The feed worked perfectly and so provided the soundtrack for ADWH.  One such tune:

The words had all been spoken
And somehow the feeling still wasn't right
And still we continued on through the night
Tracing our steps from the beginning
Until they vanished into the air
Trying to understand how our lives has led us there

Looking hard into your eyes

There was nobody I'd ever known
Such an empty surprise to feel so alone
Ah, carry me back to those halcyon days o' the 70s... when I was a sensitive seventies kinda guy, the biggest bennie about bein' so was that I got laid a lot.  You may laugh, especially if your name happens to be Morgan, but it frickin' worked.  We ain't so sensitive these days, nor do we get laid as much.

And those lyrics?  Too close to home, by half.  Still and even, the song evokes the nicest of memories.  Very nice.


  1. Ah Jackson Browne. You just brought back a boat-load of memories that are best not gone into in this forum. Thanks Buck.

    WV mieste as in you made me misty first thing in the morning

  2. You are doing better than I in the return of the missing critters. My wife's arch nemesis has returned, the wonderful Eastern Garter snake that occasionally patrols the pond area in our backyard. I found his shed skin and now the Wife will not go out back. She has authorized me to "buy a gun" if I have to in order to kill the beast. I won't however, kill the beast that is, I may buy a gun and say it's for the snake.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  3. WV mieste as in you made me misty first thing in the morning

    I got kinda misty when I heard this for the first time in years last night. Sad tunes, whiskey, and memories of lost love don't mix all that well. There were no embarrassing phone calls, though. ;-)

    Jimmy: Buy the gun now that you have a license! ;-)

  4. Bless you for being concerned about the feral cat family; their lives are much rougher than that of the average housecat, and their lifespans shorter.

    But many of them actually do quite well for themselves while they live. ;-)

  5. The feral cats do QUITE well here at Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park, Barry. Until the animal control guys come around... but they seem to be able to avoid them, seein' as how the population hasn't gone down appreciably.

  6. The feral cats around here have killed one too many baby bird to give me cause to have much sympathy for them. There's nothing pleasant about having to scrub blood and feathers off the car.

    And, what Deb said.

  7. Glad to hear the resident cats (or what I refer to as "varmints") are alive and well. I actually prefer cats to dogs. They require less maintenance, and make you earn their respect, as opposed to handing it for a bacon treat.

    But I do log dogs,too.

  8. Moogie: Mama Cat is a bird-killin' MACHINE (I mentioned that, right?). But not on my car, thank God.

    BR: I'm a dog person. Period.


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