Friday, July 08, 2011

We Take Good Advice...

... when we get it, to wit:
Should buy the other three up. This is why I have been buying wines by the case. 
I hate to open something up and enjoy it so thoroughly as to be sorry when there is no more.  
Which is from Blog-Bud Darryl, in comments to this post.

We've been doin' some serious damage to that bottle of JW Gold of late and last evening it became apparent a re-supply mission was in order.  From an e-mail I sent out earlier today:
Subject: I Took Yr Advice...
... and bought two more bottles of that Gold stuff.  Interestingly, the Class VI will prolly be stocking this in future.  When I got to the check-out the girl rang me up at $61.50 per bottle, at which time I protested and mightily so: "But the price on the shelf said $54.75!!" sez I.  She ran off to check and came back with "That was last week's sale price.  But I'll give ya that price since that was what was posted on the shelf."  "Thank you," sez I.

So.  Free beer, in a manner of speaking, since the savings paid for my beer re-supply, and then some.
We're in no danger of running out of scotch in the near future:

For a couple o' weeks, anyhoo.


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