Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Priorities... Again

Just in from a major re-supply run out to Cannon Airplane Patch and the damage to the bank account was thus: $91.00 for a case o' beer malt beverages from New Belgium, a bottle o' Drambuie, and a bottle o' Glenfiddich; a mere $76.00 (and change) for food. Note that we're drinking the cheap(er) Scotch these days... economizing by buying the Glenfiddich at $39.00 (and change) vs The Balvenie at $65.00 (and change). Still... there doesn't seem to be much improvement. Ah, well.  It is what it is.  And it is good.

And now it's time for Happy Hour!


  1. I'm so out of the loop here we need to sit down for a couple of happy hours and catch up.

  2. What do ya do with Drambuie? Back in my yoof, it was prescribed for helping wee lass' out of their minds.

    w/v: dicstco-How you described nightclub music in 1979 after Drambuie.

  3. Alison and Moogie: Backatcha! ::clink:: (that was a coffee cup)

    Laurie! Long time, Kiddo!

    Darryl: Rusty Nails! (straight up)

    Lou: That's the normal weekly beer run, bi-weekly on the scotch/Drambuie.

  4. virgil xenophon02 October, 2009 03:03

    Buck, Buck, Buck,

    You're missing the boat on Drambuie. Good as it is as a Rusty Nail, try a Mig-15--equal parts Drambuie and Cognac on the rocks. prefer a double shot of each over the rocks--then sit back and slowly become immobilized. LOL.

  5. Virgil: It's a good thing my Ol' Man has passed on... He'd have a hemorrhage if he read what you do to cognac! Yup... he was a purist's purist. :D

    That said... I'll give a MiG-15 a try the next time I'm in a bar. We don't have any cognac in our liquor cabinet.

  6. virgil xenophon03 October, 2009 00:28


    You don't have to get the super good stuff like Martel, etc., for it to taste right, any half-way good middling brand (or even decent cut-rate) will do as Drambuie alters everything anyway. When I DO drink Cognac straight I prefer Martel--both for the taste and in honor of a "Prairie Fire" FAC that flew out of DaNang named Paul Martel (from Hawaii & ret there) who was a Major when I met him and one of the great guys around.

  7. Noted, Virgil! Martel is my brand o' choice straight up, as well. The Ol' Man taught me pretty good. :D

    Speaking of cognac and things French... have you ever had calvados, aka Liquid Norman Fire? Once again, the Ol Man had something of a fetish for this stuff and I never really acquired the taste.

  8. virgil xenophon03 October, 2009 20:24


    Calvados, that apple/pear-based stuff? I never did either. First tried it in the UK, where it is fairly popular for some unk reason. Never really saw the allure.

  9. Yup... one and the same. I never "got" it, either.


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