Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Best Star Trek I'VE Ever Seen

Stolen from Lex. Now someone needs to do a Monty Python/Star WARS mash-up and my life will be complete. People take this silly shit to extremes; it's good to see someone let the air out of the balloon.

Just sayin'.


  1. Pretty good! But, there was no clip of Moogie!

    The really sad thing is that I can probably tell you the title of most of the episodes where the clips came from. Misspent youth!

    Thanks for the first really good laugh of the day!

  2. I truly laughed out loud, Buck. What a marvelous bit of work to do something like that! Hilarious.

  3. The fact that someone knows Star Trek well enough to do such a good editing job that the clips match the song as well as they did is what I find most amusing about the video.

  4. That felt like a blast from the past - I loved that show!

  5. Glad all y'all liked that. And Mike... that was superb editing, wasn't it?


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