Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Some amazing tales going down at Darryl's (aka Barco Sin Vela) place. Can you imagine retiring from the Navy in London... after living on a sail boat for three years (parked at St. Katherine's Docks)... and then sailing said boat home across the Atlantic?

Me, neither. You should go read.


  1. Awww, you make me sound important. Thanks!

  2. Well... you ARE. And a damned fine read, too. :D

  3. Good Christ, that's one helluva retirement party. I didn't make the connection until about halfway through that this happened recently as opposed to back in the good ol' days, which I think is about as high of a compliment as you can give to a retirement party.

    I wouldn't want to think what would happen if you had a party half as wild as that in today's Air Force...although I did hear some rumors that last year's AMMO Christmas party up here got respectably out of hand. ;-)

  4. Mike: That was my first thought about Darryl's retirement party, as well. My second thought was "Jesus... No WAY could I have kept up with those guys!" But then again, I've had a few respectable "crawl home" nights out in Ol' Blighty, myself... both in and out of the AF. :D

  5. Mike; Thanks for the compliment. I really toned down my description to protect the guilty.

    Stop by and comment!

    Buck; Again , thanks. I hope you like the newest installment.


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