Wednesday, April 30, 2014


A couple o' few days ago I said this in comments on my post about the T-Birds and Lawn Darts:
One of the best things about bein' an AF Brat was I got to see a lot of airshows while growing up. I haven't seen very many since I left the AF, though.
Well, imagine my surprise... 

I saw the poster for the air show while I was out at the base earlier today and you'll note there's nothing on the poster that neither confirms nor denies the 'Birds will perform.  Well, a quick trip to the 'Birds web site revealed that yes, yes they WILL appear at Cannon on the dates indicated.  Hot Damn, trainee!

Now I have to figger out how to get my lil oxygen machine to last for the duration of the show and other activities, like cruisin' the flight line while taking lotsa pics!


  1. er, Buck it states clearly that they'll not allow alcohol. It seems this is for "your safety"

    Are you going to attend anyway?

    1. I'm sure there will be beer... you just can't bring yer own.

  2. Enjoy! With all the budget cuts, air shows have been a rarity lately. One of my favorite things.

    1. Yeah, the 'Birds stood down for a few months last year.


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