Saturday, May 18, 2013


... got off to a rocky start.  I overslept, to begin with, and missed all but four minutes of the first period of the Wings' game.  So... I stumble in to the living room, switch on the teevee and go immediately to the kitchen to start the coffee, only to find my coffee pot has gone belly-up.  That's not a way to begin yer day, lemmee tell ya.  So we boiled water on the stove and carefully poured it through the grounds we'd already loaded in the pot and... Walla!  Coffee.  Finally.

So it'll be off to Wally-World later today to buy a new pot.  This one lasted 1,468 days... quite a bit longer than the 875 days of its predecessor.  (I know the exact number of days because (a) I blog stuff like this and (b) I go here and punch in the appropriate dates.

So.  Second intermission in the game and the Beloved Wings are up, 2-1.  They're outskating, outshooting, and outscoring the Hated 'Hawks at this point, so things look good.  But it's the playoffs and anything can happen.

Oh, yeah.  I owe ya a video, don't I?  Well, I haven't checked out all the stuff at The Usual Source but I DID watch this:


And now it's back to the important stuff:  LGRW!

Update, 1345:  

Heh.  Lose they did, 4-1... with no empty-netter, either. 


  1. Happy new coffee pot, Buck!

  2. I left you something over at my place
    I'm sure you know how to get there

  3. Them Red Wings did dominate the game, I would have to say.
    Kings got beat in OT in SJ last night.
    Zebras got an assist......................................

    1. I watched that Sharks game, and I thought the penalties were well-called. There's no disputing the "over the glass" call, but I DO wish they'd change that rule. I'm rooting for the Sharks in this one, btw. I hate everything about El-Eh, including the two hockey teams... one more than other. ;-)


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