Tuesday, May 28, 2013

After Which We Slide Back Into Comfortable Obscurity

There are two times a year... and one follows hard on the heels of the other... when traffic here in our lil corner o' the blogosphere spikes.  Like this:

Don't ask about that Mothers Day post... I have NO ideer.
That's because Google loves me, placing my Memorial Day images high in their search rankings, which results in quite a few more hits than normal.  The other occasion is D-Day, when my UCR post featuring invasion photos from old Life magazines get similar placement in Google's search results.

I'm the blogosphere's equivalent of the "one-hit wonder," doncha know.  But even this small amount o' fame doesn't come close to one Instalanche.  (sigh)


  1. I get the most referrals to an old post with "famous paintings." My own paintings don't get nearly the response.

    1. Ah, but your paintings get a response from the people that MATTER.


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