Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack: Dancin'

It's a Motown.. or Soul... kinda Wednesday afternoon and we led off with this ol' chestnut from our past:

You broke my heart
'Cause I couldn't dance
You didn't even want me around
And now I'm back, to let you know
I can really shake 'em down
That ain't me coz I was the livin', breathin' example o' "white boys can't dance."  OTOH, give me a few beers and I was also the livin', breathin' example o' "dance like nobody's watching."  Which was good enough for all intents and purposes, I suppose.

This ain't the first time I've posted this song and there's this about that:
Would you believe this is from 19-sixty-freakin' three?  It is...  This tune brought a lotta stuff to mind, first and foremost bein' the fact that I'm the quintessential White Boy and I can NOT dance.  That never stopped me, though, as I've been known to get up on the floor and make a fool o' myself, albeit not lately.  
The second thang that came to mind is Norman Mailer's famous quote... "Tough guys don't dance," which I availed myself of a LOT in the way-back.  The third and final thang I remembered is what The Second Mrs. Pennington told me early on in our relationship: "People dance like they fuck."  Or mebbe it was the reverse... "People fuck like they dance"... time has dimmed the actual wording of said quote.  The intent is most certainly clear and it makes me wonder, in retrospect, because I sure as Hell couldn't dance.  Yet the fact remains the girl hung with me for 23 years, in spite of what she thought about the subject.  Was she wrong?  Was she right?  Whatevah... my dancin' was apparently sufficient for all intents and purposes.  Until it wasn't.  Heh.
Well, now.  It's entirely possible TSMP had this in mind during our courtship:

Bring it down one time
It ain't the meat it's the motion
It ain't the meat, I say the movement, girl
It ain't the meat, it's the action
That makes your daddy wanna rock 
Yo Mama, too.

Mebbe I need a "TMI" category for posts.  Ya think?

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