Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tonight's After Dinner Whiskey Hour Soundtrack

I dunno how it is with you, Gentle Reader, but I have to listen to my new music acquisitions at least three times before I can form an opinion on the worthiness of the albums in question.  We're now on the fourth run-through (at LEAST) of "Roots," one of two Johnny Winter albums I recently purchased and my favorite, by far.  There are way too many outstanding tracks on this album to pick just one to illustrate its excellence, but I'll offer up Johnny's take on this Elmore James classic.  About which, the original Elmore James track:

Now Johnny:

Ooooh, BAY-bee!  Is that not GREAT?  Here's a comment from an Amazon review of the album:
On the Elmore James chestnut "Done Somebody Wrong", Warren Haynes invokes the great Duane Allman in the intro, then steps back while Johnny takes the first solo. The respect these two have for each other is apparent; neither one getting in the others way.
Did he say Duane Allman?  Why yes, I believe he did.  Which, of course, makes it necessary that we post another version of my favorite blues tune:

It didn't get any better than this in the wayback and it's still pretty damned good.  Great, even.  Yanno what?  It might could get a lil drunk out tonight.

Play da blooze, White Boy... play da blooze!


  1. Although I like the bluesy renditions, I was more of a BJ Thomas fan. Don't laugh at me.


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