Monday, December 31, 2012

Further... On That Nostalgic Blues Thang

More from the Johnny Winter "Roots" album (see the post below), and this ain't so much blues as it's classic '50s rock 'n' roll:

Johnny Winter - Short Fat Fannie (Featuring Paul... by berussagroup

I was slippin and slidin with a long tall Sally
Peekin' and a hidin',duck back in the alley
Don't wanna rip it up,don't wanna dance with Annie
I've got a brand new lover name is Short Fat Fannie
One day while I was visit'n at HeartBreak Hotel
Thats where I met Fannie and she sure looked swell
I told her that I loved her and I'd never leave
She put her arms around me, gave me fever
She's my tutti fruiti,I love the child so
She watch me like a hound dog everywhere I go
Whenever I'm around her I'm on my p's and q's
She might step on my blue suede shoes
Two things... first, you have to be of a certain age to realize the lyrics are calling out at least eight different Top 40 tunes from back in the day... and that's only the beginning; you know there may be more.  Second, those of us of a certain age who were music freaks had all those records... in the form of 45s... and we carried them around in something much like this:

All us kids had one of those boxes and we took 'em to all the parties, the contents of which would eventually... sooner or later, sooner if you were the coolest of the cool... make it to the record player.  There are a lot of things I wished I would have saved from my youth, and that box and its contents are among the top ten... mebbe even top three.

Yes, it DID get kinda drunk out last night... why do you ask?


  1. Love the Johnny Winters roots. I can just picture you with your box of records - being the coolest of the cool cats.

    My uncle and cousins were all about 10+ years older than me, and I can remember them playing Elvis on a 45 - one of my earliest memories.

    1. - being the coolest of the cool cats.

      That was NEVER me. I worked pretty hard at bein' cool but never got there, somehow. Once a nerd, always a nerd...

  2. Ensemble sur le lit31 December, 2012 21:15

    I was kind of a poor boy, so I had a lot of 45's. Mostly dance stuff. Well, one day I finally got a date with Lisa. She was my dream date. Her dad was dead and her mother worked all day. So I climbed on top of her bed, and we lay there together listening to her new Moody Blues album.

    Crap, my Credence, Beatles, and other old 45's just got set aside after that. Who wants to do dance in the living room, when you can lie and read the album cover together.

    Did I mention we were 13. Ah, we good kids, no steamed windows or anything...

    1. Do you remember which Moody Blues album? "Question of Balance" was my fave, but ALL of them were great. ALL.

  3. It was 1967 so that would have been Days of Future Passed. I remember we tried to analyze all the graphics on the album cover. I tried looking for a photo of the backside, but I remember it being as graphic as the front.

    Ah, I remember that one, I was in the 10th grade, and loved it as well. I used to be jealous of how their voices were so perfect, while I flunked out of Choir.

    1. The Moody Blues may have been the Y in the road when I started listening to weird schmaltz music, especially when my mother came back from France with a Mimi album (she had the same last name (but German and Czech parents). If you remember Abba, you probably will recognize this one. I always loved the bass, and the beat, and my favorite sounding French word is "perdue" even though I sound like a Scotsman when I try to say it :-)

      Anyway, for your happy hour listening cycle, ha:

    2. Ah, the synapses you've fired off... and I thank you for that. I haven't listened to any Moddy Blues in a month o' Sundays, quite literally. I fixed that during today's Happy Hour.

      And thanks for the link. I can't believe Abba ripped Mireille off like that.

      Et moi? J'ai a tout perdue aussi. Quelle dommage.


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