Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thievery... It's What We Do

That's from the Shoebox blog.  But you knew that, didn't ya?


  1. Okay...LOVE!!!

    Having toured the Carlsbad Caverns (somewhat near your neck of the woods) with three sons, a reluctant wife (who...btw...probably already had #4 son toasting in the oven), and plenty of spizzerinum amongst us combined...

    The term "guano" was a new one to me/us. Call me/us ill educated if you will, but neither I nor The Mrs, or the boys ever heard it until we took the "tour" at Carlsbad.

    But, from that day forward, "GUANO" became a family standard.

    Especially around the Dinner Table... (My poor wife...don't know how she's stood up to all us mens.)

    Okay...we're a twisted bunch of male Reeves folk. Can't hep it...well, I guess we COULD. Nah.

  2. Heh! I posted a really great comment a while back on this with long details about how it gave me remembry of great things in the past...subscribed to follow-ups....blah blah blah.

    Evidently, The Globber ate it!!!

    That's okay.

    It really wasn't all that good of a comment, anyway.

  3. Good thing you captured this yesterday, I see they took it down and put up something different afterwards.


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