Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Boon!


Blessed relief from all those triple-digit temps we've had of late.  It's just sooo nice outdoors at the moment that I think we'll have an extended Happy Hour this afternoon... just because.

"F*ck Yeah!"


  1. Americans Take No Bullshit. I kinda like that one myself (from the place for all of us). That said, extended Happy Hour sounds great Buck. I may get a Happy Hour tonite; last minute cancellation of our plans means an evening free. And it's a beautiful day here, with promise for a beautiful evening. May have to take some of the night air - for our health you understand.

    1. And here's to yer health, Kris!

    2. Kris, if you want some dreamy, romantic music, check out a 50s album produced by Jackie Gleason called "Night Winds." Dial up "Jackie-Gleason-A Certain Party" (one of the songs on the album) on YouTube--you'll get a cover of the album shown)

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous here today. I'm thinking we will be having happy hour on the verandah also.

  3. Virgil - I confess, I have been a big Jackie Gleason fan most of my life; my dad was a HUGE fan so I grew up listening to quite a bit of his work. I have a Pandora station defined for the Great One.

    As it happened, there was no happy hour. Other responsibilities showed up in the vacuum created by cancelled plans and the next thing you know - it's 8:00pm, dark outside and I started to fall asleep on the couch.

    Oh well...another day.


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