Friday, February 24, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack


I saw these guys at the Fox theatre in downtown Dee-troit back in the day (It was either '88 or '89... on their tour promoting their one and only Top 40 hit), and it was a fine, fine concert.  The Second Mrs. Pennington and I rocked for DAYS after that concert.  FYC might have (only) been a one-hit wonder, but Boy! that one hit was certainly fine.

So... apropos of everythang... there's a line in this song that fits really well, at the moment:

Happy hour has come and gone
Much too short and much too long
Yup.  We got started early today, and we're already done.  For the time being.


  1. Their whole CD was good... it's a staple among my CD rotation.

  2. I need to find my copy of the CD. I haven't seen it around in quite a while... Paula might have stolen it.

  3. I like this FYC tune. Funky beat. And man, that guy has a high falsetto.

  4. ZOMG! Fine Young Cannibals! I didn't realize anyone else even knew they existed. I really liked them back in the day.


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