Friday, February 24, 2012

It Worked. Except For When It Didn't.

Well, let's begin with the "it didn't" piece.  You know this already if you're a hockey fan... the Beloved Wings' streak ended at 23.  Those pesky Canucks managed to tie last night's game with a mere 15.4 seconds left on the clock in regulation time and went on to win it in the shootout.  There was no joy in Mudville last evening.
Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
But there is no joy in Mudville - mighty Casey has struck out.

So, Buck... what, pray tell, did work?  Just this... the most-effective piece o' spam to ever elude g-mail's wonderfully efficient spam filter (a couple o' excerpts):
ODESSA, UKRAINE--(Marketwire - Feb. 24, 2012) - Even though major St. Valentine's legends spawned in Eastern Europe, Cupid's play day is just now hitting its stride as a lover's feast in such places as Russia and Ukraine. In fact, ground zero for Valentine's Day festivities in this part of the world is the mysterious and sensuous Black Sea resort of Odessa, Ukraine, where on Valentine's weekend international online dating leader invited 23 beauties from across the country to compete for the title Anastasia's Miss Valentine 2012.

Held at exclusive Club Palladium in Odessa's center, the beauty pageant featured 3 stunning rounds...swimsuit, evening gown and Q& part of a Romance Tour Social hosted by AnastasiaDate. Present were dozens of select gentlemen members of Anastasia who experienced a unique dating encounter in the elite company of not only the exquisite contestants, but over 300 single female guests, also members of Anastasia.

All this was folded into what became Odessa's entertainment event of the year amid actors, musicians and singers who performed scenes from popular Ukrainian plays before the heaving international crowd. A sub-zero Arctic freeze notwithstanding, the panel of judges, like kids in candyland, finally chose 21-year-old raven-haired goddess Zina of Odessa as Anastasia's Miss Valentine 2012. While Zina's hot curves and sweet elegance won her top prize, other of Odessa's finest swept the field with breathtaking runners-up, blue-eyed wonder Viktoria and blonde perfection Irina.

This is Anastasia's 3rd St. Valentine pageant on the Black Sea shores, with each event becoming more popular and outstanding, each gathering more audience and media attention. AnastasiaDate, who stages such stirring soirees around the world, by doing so introduces her male members to world class beauties who are also on her global online dating site, making them equally available as romantic partners.

Eastern European dating spam, all gussied up as a press release. Feel free to click on the links... I've already checked them for you and they aren't toxic.  But here's a screen shot from one o' the links, just in case you have a highly developed case o' inter-tubes paranoia:

Dang.  Sultry, eh?  I don't mind spam like this.  At ALL.


This works, too.  You may recall me mentioning the fact Grandson Sean is a guitar player.  What I might NOT have mentioned is his favorite genre is the Blues.  Based on evidence I received in my in-box late last night I'd say the boy is cultivating a Blues persona... whaddaya think?

**I** think two thangs.  First... he's done his homework, and done it well.  Second... it's a damned good look.  Beats the livin' HELL outta the current droopy-drawers, backwards-baseball-cap look we see every-freakin'-where these days.  Breeding tells.


  1. That's a sharp looking kid. Here's hoping he sticks with it, and it rubs off on his buddies. I wish I had the sense to dress that well at his age.

    I hate the Canucks. Ruined the Avs' chance to kill the streak on Saturday.

  2. So, Ms. Zinaida is an administrator. I wonder, of what, pray tell?

    Sean has got it down. Dang, I might just copy that look myself. And I'm forwarding the pic to my 16 year old grandson Brent (the viola player who's now working on his keyboard skills). Maybe he'll copy the look too. Unfortunately, he's still wearing a hoodie at this point but hasn't yet gone to the droopy drawers thing. I think his Dad would personally give him a wedgie if he did.

  3. No fan of the Canucks here, either.
    Bring on the Ukrainian girls...
    and the Blue (music variety)

  4. Sean is a good looking kid, but then so are the other men in his family - not to mention the women too. I do like his style.

  5. "Beats the livin' HELL outta the current droopy-drawers..."

    Amen, Brother.

  6. I hate the Canucks. Ruined the Avs' chance to kill the streak on Saturday.

    Heh. The only thang WORSE than losing to the Canucks would've been losing to the Avs. But I don't think THAT'S gonna happen in the foreseeable future.

    So, Ms. Zinaida is an administrator. I wonder, of what, pray tell

    Well, I can think of a couple o' thangs the lady could administer. Just sayin'.

    Ivan: We do a lot o' Blue in these parts.

    Dan, Lou, Andy, and Small-Tee; Thank ya all for your comments. I'm sure Sean will appreciate them, as well. He never comments here but I have it on pretty good authority that he DOES read.

  7. Well, you got yourselves a Quincey (again). Get ready for some very unfortunately timed penalty minutes.

  8. Yeah, he took two last night... but made up for it with a goal. A classic case of one attaboy making up for two aw-shits. Or sumthin' like that.

  9. If he plays in Detroit like he did in Colorado, you'll be kind of love/meh with him. The penalties became an issue, but mostly he's the guy who makes you think he should be kicking ass and taking names, then you start wondering why he's not really getting it done.

    All told, though, I'd say good pick up for your boys.

    Hard watching an Av in a Wings jersey.

  10. A Pea Coat is a real man's coat. Nicely done, Sean

    As for the Rooskies, "Davai davai babee." It's a three way tie for me between Czech, Hungarian, and Ukrainian women. The most beautiful I've ever seen in person were examples of those three. Thanks for sharing, Buck.

  11. Yeah, good look for young Sean. That chick is hot, too. As if you didn't know.

  12. Hard watching an Av in a Wings jersey.

    Heh. Along those same lines, I had the HARDEST time when Chelios came to Detroit. He was Number One wWith A Bullet on my "guys I love to hate" list when he played for the Hawks... and then he was a Wing. Talk about mixed emotions...

    Anon: I agree with ya about pea coats; I have one. Not so much on the Russian girls, though. I didn't see too many head-turners during my six weeks in Moscow. Czech girls, OTOH, YES. I've never been to the Ukraine, so my jury is out there.

    Andy: Thank ya, Sir.


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