Thursday, February 23, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

We finally had enough o' that Al Green groove we've been in for the last two weeks or so.  That's not a BAD groove to be in, but there comes a time when even Pandora begins to repeat themselves.  Accordingly, we switched stations when we heard "I'm So Tired of Bein' Alone" for about the eighth time.  I do love that tune... but enough is enough.

So we switched to Roxy Music radio... which is a pleasin' pastiche o' pop, mostly Brit-Pop from the '80s and '90s, with bands like Tears For Fears (that song contains the BEST freakin' rhythm guitar break EVER recorded, beginning around the 2:30 mark),  The Cure, Queen, Bowie, and such... but also features American bands like The Cars and Talking Heads, which we chose for this post.  

I don't know why I love her like I do
All the changes you put me through
Take my money, my cigarettes
I haven't seen the worst of it yet
I wanna know that you'll tell me
I love to stay
Take me to the river, drop me in the water
Take me to the river, dip me in the water
I think one o' the better thangs about livin' in Portales is the fact there ain't no river near by... but we digress.  I was hard pressed to choose just ONE tune for our soundtrack today, as the selections were ALL magnificent (some which I linked, above) and seemed to hit our sweet-spot.  And we've yet to hear "Avalon"... my absolute FAVORITE Roxy Music tune.


Apropos o' not much... the only downer about today's Happy Hour occurred when my lovely neighbor stopped over for some conversation and then invited me in to her place.  That wasn't a bad thang, in and of itself.  Nope... the downer came when she had to excuse herself to get ready for work and I said "Ok, c'ya later."  To which she replied "OK, sir... have a great day." 

We shall pause for just one moment to let the implications of that form o' address sink in.

Got it?

We'll belabor the obvious just in case you didn't geddit: Sweet Young Thangs NEVER sleep with men they routinely address as "sir."  And so dies Popular and Recurring Fantasy Number Two, not that it had much life to begin with, but ya know how these thangs go.

Take Me to the River.


  1. The value of fantasies cannot be emphasized enough. To help maintain yours, I offer two possible explanations for the young(er) woman's use of that form of address:

    1. Because of your imperial and stately bearing, she mistook you for one of those English Lords, Sir Buck Pennington of Worcestershire. If so, I think the door is still very much open.

    2. She herself could be a GRITS (Girl Raised in the South) and was simply being polite to anyone who is even slightly older than she. Again, door still open.

    I liked the Talking Heads song ok, but really liked the one you linked to with Tears for Fears; and you weren't kidding, that is one dang good guitar solo.

  2. Well... I won't rule Option Number One completely out o' hand, but Option Two is right out, given as how the lady in question is from Northern Italy (Venice).

    I'm glad ya liked that TFF song... it's one o' my all-time faves.

    Apropos o' nuthin'... I'm watching your Preds at intermission of the Wings game and am rooting for the Preds. You got the lead and then lost it 37 seconds later... it's tied again. As are the Wings-Canucks, as we speak.

    1. I just came upstairs from the TV room where I saw the final score on the local sports news. We lost 3-2 in a shootout. Kinda makes me Blue.

    2. I know ANOTHER team that lost in a shoot-out last night by the same score... and THAT team was leading 2-1 until the final 16 seconds of the game. Helluva way to lose.

  3. Buck, re: the "Sir" bit.: Just take solace that OTOH, at our age, as we slowly fossilize ( unfortunately not slowly enough, lol) our geezer status means we can go the total misogynist curmudgeon route and REVEL in it! (although it HIGHLY irritates my wife and keeps her divorce attny on retainer & speed-dial.. :) )


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