Thursday, February 23, 2012

On the Line, Again

Jimmy Howard of the Detroit Red Wings makes a save on Dale Weise of the Vancouver Canucks during an NHL game at Joe Louis Arena on October 13, 2011 in Detroit, Michigan.  Photograph by: Dave Reginek, NHLI via Getty Images
The Beloved Wings host the Vancouver Canucks tonight at The Joe and hope to extend their home winning streak to 24 consecutive games.  The Canucks, OTOH, hope to end it... which will make for a VERY interesting game.  Some words from the Canucks home press (The Vancouver-based Province):
DETROIT -- Like anyone needs another reason to look forward to a game between the Red Wings and Canucks.

They are the two best teams in the league, based on points.

They play two of the most exciting styles and employ some of the game's most exciting players.

And now history is on the line.

Short of a Western Conference final, it doesn't get better than this: The Canucks have a chance to end the Wings' amazing string of 23 straight wins at home.

Think about that for a moment, those 23 wins in a row at Joe Louis Arena.

The Canucks this season are in the top 25 percentile of home wins and their biggest streak is four victories in a row.
Last year they were the best home team in the league with 27 wins and they managed to twice win six in a row.
So what Detroit has done, surpassing the 20 straight wins the 1975-76 Flyers and 1929-30 Bruins managed at home, is one of those records you think can never be broken.

“That's an amazing, amazing feat,” Alain Vigneault said. “I mean, to win 23 games in a row at home in such a competitive league is remarkable.

“We're going to go in there, we're going to have an opportunity to put our best game on the ice and see what happens.”

And you know what?

Canucks players have been cheering for the Wings for a couple of weeks now, hoping they'd keep playing bad host right up to the moment the visitors from Vancouver ring the doorbell.
Well... of course the Canucks want to the end the streak... who wouldn't?  I'm thinkin' Vancouver's just another brick in the wall because the Wings have played some pretty tough teams during that 23-game run... contenders in the Western Conference like the Preds, the Blues, and the Sharks, as well as contenders from the East, most recently Philadelphia.  So, yeah, Vancouver will be tough but no tougher than  any other team.  Why?  Because EVERY team brings their "A" game when they play the Wings.  Every. Single. One.



  1. If I could save time in a bottle, I'd watch this game on the teevee. But I'm sure my wife will want to watch a rerun of Biggest Loser or somesuch. I could DVR and watch later, but I'm sure you'll have already blogged about the outcome so then why bother.

  2. Your subtle dig wasn't lost on me, Inno... given the OVER-exposure to that sickening piece o' schlock we all experienced in the '70s. But I WILL hold that against ya, seein' as how you conjured up that piece o' crap in my mind's ear. Aiiiieeee.

  3. Good luck against the Canucks. I'm sure the Wings will handle them. We've got the Blues tonight, and our old team capt. Jason Arnott who's now with the Blues, returns to stick it in our eye.

    1. As noted elsewhere, I watched a good portion of your game. And I was pulling for the Preds, too.


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