Friday, December 23, 2011


 First... this, from the Usual Source:

Heh.  Santa did drones before drones were cool.

Second... Another sort o' surveillance.  I'd been up almost exactly four minutes when there was a knock on my door and it was my neighbor, who dropped by to gift me with a bottle o' wine for Christmas.  So there I was, still half-asleep, coffee pot not even lit off yet, and with bed-hair.  Tryin' to be sociable.  I didn't even MENTION the fact I just got up (at sumthin' like 1310 hrs and we have appearances to keep up, or secrets to hide, whichever), I just toughed it out.  I think I did a pretty good job of it, too... as she invited me down to her place to take a look at her new furniture.  The woman has good taste.  She may not think the same about me, given my appearance this "morning."

Third... It sure does look Christmas-y/Seasonal outdoors: it's in the mid-20s with the occasional snow flurry blowing by my window.  That's almost enough to overcome my usual, customary, and not-unreasonable humbuggery, but not quite.  Mainly coz it's dark and gray (requiring indoor lighting; that kind o' "dark") and I'm not fully caffeinated yet.  But we're working on the latter: I just poured my second cup.  



  1. You'd only been up four minutes before she knocked?! Were you even dressed, or did you go to her place in your pajamas? Do you think she really wanted you to just look at her furniture? Heh. ;-)

  2. I ALWAYS get dressed first thing, Red. Pajamas ceased to exist in my world when I was about ten. ;-)

    As for the other... one never knows, eh?

  3. I would have been wearing my pink robe and hippie shoes. I do brush my hair first thing, but not my teeth - messes with my coffee.

  4. La dame d'à côté23 December, 2011 22:31

    Damn! A bottle of wine! Lucky stiff...

  5. Lou: I own a robe, too... two of 'em, as a s'matter of fact... and I sometimes wear the light cotton Japanese one when I get up in the summer. Most of the time I just wear 'em right out o' the shower, though. Not first thang in the morning.

    dame: Je ne pense pas que vous êtes LA dame d'à côté.

  6. Score!

    I'm so happy you have nice, thoughtful neighbors! And plumbing that isn't exposed to frigid temps. Real plumbing -- not metaphorical plumbing. Although I'm also happy your metaphorical plumbing won't be obligated to seek shelter in a hotel this year!

  7. Moogie: All that you mentioned pleases me to NO end.


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