Friday, December 23, 2011

I SAID It Was Seasonal, Right?

Those of us here on The High Plains o' New Mexico are getting our White Christmas ya-ya's out today.  Which is a case o' gettin' while the gettin' is good, coz we're gonna be in the low to mid-50s on Christmas Day.

It's dark enough to cause my flash to fire.

The usual, customary, etc., snowbirds
I'm really glad the snow is light, not that I have anywhere to go or stuff to do, which I don't.  But I KNOW there are folks traveling as we speak... and they don't need no steenkin' blizzards.


  1. They don't need no stinkin' blizzards for sure...

    Jeepers, we spent a good bit of the night in a ditch off of I-40 between Santa Rosa, NM and Vega, TX with 3 young boys and a dog in a Chrysler Fifth Avenue trying to get back to a warmer weather Christmas in Louisiana.

    A looooong story which I will not bore you with, but we lived and done well.

    So, I'm glad travelers through your fair State trying to get back to God's country will not have to deal with Satanic snowfall/ice storms/whatever on the highways.

    BTW, I love the 'mingos in the snow (albeit just a dusting).

  2. I was wanting snow for Christmas. But our weather here is 62 one day and 40 the next so I'm not counting on any.

    I liked your pictures~Thanks for a glimpse of snow.

  3. Did you see on national news where a couple was stranded - buried in snow for 2 days on the lonesome highways of northern NM? Thems my ol' stompin' grounds. That is one lonely highway.

  4. I too was hoping for a white Christmas, even if just a dusting. Weather is like what stopsign said - 60s one day, 40s the next. It's cold tonite and supposed to be back in the 40s tomorrow and Sunday.

    We've done our bit in years past, driving in blinding snow to get to family out of state. We don't do that anymore. Had plenty of scares to last us 10 lifetimes.

  5. Somehow I was thinking that you had received more snow than that to date. Did the previous cover melt off already?

    Up here, the temps have stayed mostly below freezing so we are just adding to the snows that have fallen since November. Guess I will be groundhogging until February at this rate.

  6. TGH looks infinitely happier in her new shelter than at the La Hacienda. Happy White Christmas Eve Eve!

  7. Just outside BR. La, in in the countryside across the river in Grosse Tete at Brother-in-laws getting ready to head to Lake Charles to spend Christmas w. wife's 87 yr-old Mother and rest of family.
    Typical La winter scene-60s and wet.

    WV: prost--I'll drink to that!

    Merry Christmas all!

  8. Andy: Wile I never spent any time in the ditch I DID spend four hours in a rest area near St. Cloud, Minnesota in '77 waiting for I-94 to be cleared in the blizzard of '77. I was travelin' from South Bend to Fortuna, NoDak and I absolutely, positively HAD to be back by Christmas Day, as my leave was runnin' out. That was a long, cold drive in an old '72 Chevy Nova.

    ss: We got more snow than I wanted and I have to get out in it today. Poor planning on my part means I HAVE to do some shopping today... everythang's closed tomorrow.

    Kris: I'll gladly trade you our wx for yours. Except tomorrow: 50s! Yays!

    Lin: The previous cover barely lasted a day. Our temps have been pretty moderate except for a few days, including the last three. I'm like you in that I don't get out much when it's cold.

    Moogie: TGH IS happier these days. I hope she doesn't mind when I take her out later... she HATES snow and lets me know it, too. She's not above throwing her ass around in a snit when it's slick.

    Virgil: I'd take me some 60s and wet. Better than low 30s and wet, fersure.

  9. Lou: I missed that bit on the news. Them's some lonely roads up that way.


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