Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oh So Briefly

I just now poured my first cup and I really, rilly hate it when I do stuff like this.  Half the day: gone.  It's a matter of guilt and the vestiges of Type-A behavior that refuse to go away completely, I suppose... no matter that I didn't go to bed until 0500 this morning.  But it is what it is.

I spent a great deal o' time yesterday, measured in hours and hours, reading Christopher Hitchens obituaries and there are MANY.  The most interesting thang, to me, was that it seemed like everyone had a favorite Hitch story to relate, no matter if the person writing the obituary was American, British, Irish, or some other nationality.  It didn't seem to matter if the obit writer agreed with Hitch's many, and often contradicting, views on political or philosophical matters.  The man was genuinely liked and respected by a wide range of people great and small.  There were also a few stories about the way Hitchens handled the death sentence that is cancer and the dignity he maintained in his final days.  I hope I have the same sort of intestinal fortitude when my time comes.

And now it's off to make the rounds.  BTW... The image above?  It's a button, and I just might buy one.


  1. Intoxication à l'antigel17 December, 2011 13:36

    My cousin died yesterday. She made me kind of mad, because she was 87, and our side hasn't made it past 65 yet. My brother turned 65 in October (sound barrier day), but he doesn't count, because he is on some form of cocaine all day for his bad back.

    What gives her the right? She had eight kids, and I forget the number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Being in northern France, with the long winters, I think she and her husband found something to do after chopping wood for the fireplace...

    I know I will go out with dignity though, when the time comes. Well unless someone steals my bottle of antifreeze from under the sink.

    I'm going to miss exchanging letters. She was the last person to send me letters, as everyone else has gone to email... Sigh...

  2. I wanna be like my grandmother and namesake - a lady to the end. Well, maybe I need to work on that some more.

  3. I need that button.

    Thanks for sharing the articles.

  4. I was always very touched by the outpouring of prayers for Hitch, when he was first diagnosed, in the comments sections of blogs. Some commenters, of the nonreligious persuasion, would protest that he would hate that but it didn't stop many from expressing their affection, respect and hope for him. He was a fascinating and larger than life character. I can understand why you would want to spend some time reading over stuff today.

    Did you read Peter Hitchens' memoriam? I enjoyed their debates, too.

  5. "I hope I have the same sort of intestinal fortitude..."

    Amen to that, Buck

  6. l'antigel: Sorry about your cousin... and it's a true fact people don't write any longer. As for your exit methodology... that sounds pretty painful. The 9mm cure is quicker, albeit messy.

    Lou: I think you're quite the lady.

    ss: Yeah, that button fits me on a number of different levels. ;-)

    Bec: I did read P. Hitchens' piece and it was touching, as was most of the stuff I read. There are a few haters out there, but not all that many.

    Dan: Yup. I think we all feel that way.

  7. Joy McCann has a really good one at The Conservatory. She is my friend, as well. Shameless plug for that site.


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