Friday, December 16, 2011

Broadening Our Horizons XXXVIII

This could be BOH XXXVII, Part Two... seein' as how we went back to the well today for yet another seasonal installment from that lil ol' brewery in Bawston.  Well, let's make it that Big-Ass brewery in Bawston, just for accuracy's sake.

Today we're indulging in my favorite selection from the 12-pack, the Black and Brew:

This is some seriously tasty beer despite the terminally-cute name, which is an all too obvious reference to this beer's main taste components: coffee and malt.  How could one NOT like this combination?  I mean... it's caffeine and alcohol together, two of the four major food groups (the other two bein' nicotine and sugar).  The only thang that's missing is sex.

And now we shall adjourn to the verandah for our second outdoor Happy Hour in as many days.  It's warm enough today that we don't need our flea jacket... just a sweater, a cigar, and that beer I just poured.  Life is good.


  1. We had sunshine today - thank God. I wasn't sure I could take another day of dreary. At times the wind was rather cool, but when it died down, the day was perfect. While having lunch with Toby, I pealed my jacket off because I was hot. Toby was cold. I wish he was hormonal instead of me.

  2. (the other two bein' nicotine and sugar).


    Wet. Cold. Miserable. Here. But, Mr. Weather promises a turnaround.

    I never really thought about coffee beer. Not a big beer drinker, but I might give that one a whirl...just out of curiosity.

  3. Ya'll could, theoretically, enjoy my patio right now. Some 20 degrees above the norm... go figure

  4. Lou: Yesterday was better than the day before here, and today promises to be even better. A brief respite from Dreary is ALWAYS good.

    Andy: I wish I could find this Black & Brew in six-packs; it's only available in 12-packs as far as I know. Unless ya live in Bawston or somewheres like it. It's a rare treat and ya might like it.

    Skip: Didja call al-Gore and thank him?

  5. every day I thank him for inventing the interwebbies... sometimes even twice

  6. Glad we in the northeast could be of service :-)


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