Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Held Hostage

That would be me, to The Brown Truck o' Happiness, as in: awaiting its arrival.  I knew exactly when... give or take 15 minutes... TBToH would arrive in Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park and the operators of said trucks rarely let me down.  I was disappointed on occasion, but that was always when my Usual Driver was on vacation.  I've yet to figger out what the schedule is here in the new neighborhood, but I suppose that will come with time.

Nonetheless, I have errands to run, likker lockers to visit, and sustenance to purchase.  It galls me that I can't get these thangs done while the WX is relatively nice, read as: I won't freeze my old ass off in the doing.  I suppose I could go sit out on the verandah and wait for TBToH but the WX ain't THAT nice (it's the wind, it's almost ALWAYS the wind).  That and the fact the usual, customary, and reasonable verandah activities would tend to render me (technically) unable to drive, at least in the eyes and breathylizers of the local gendarmerie.  We don't push the edges of that particular envelope now that we are older and somewhat wiser.

Oh.  We're waiting on a spiffy new external hard drive, a device with two and a half times the capacity of the old external drive.  Which capacity is needed, and all that.  Merry Christmas to me.

Update, four minutes later:  Well, shit.

I guess we'll go run our errands now.


  1. Our Brown Truck guys are all FUBAR'd by extra holiday deliveries. Nothing seems to come quite when it is expected. Happens every year about this time.

  2. I went and checked status after reading your comment... results in my update. We're in the same boat.

  3. The wx here's similar to yours in that the winds are blowin'
    it's outta the NNE @ about 24 with gusts to 32
    OTH it is a tad warmer, though not quite shirtsleeve

  4. A couple hours ago, I tried to post a long comment about a winter delivery experience with F***Ex. Apparently it disappeared, and I'm too lazy to do it over.

    Anyway, they'll be blaming the recent blizzard for the delayed delivery, I'm sure.

  5. Ivan: "Warm" isn't in our vocabulary for the next few days.

    Red: I also got a note from Amazon sayin' "weather conditions" were responsible for the delay. I believe 'em, coz I read the NM State Police closed parts of I-40 in between ABQ and me for quite a while during the recent storm.

  6. Don't you love having those updates, though, so you can get on with life? Man, the weather God's have been whoopin' up on y'all lately!


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