Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Broadening Our Horizons XXXIX

The errands are done and I was most gratified to see the local likker locker expanded their selection of Abita beers to include Purple Haze and Turbodog, the latter of which comes highly recommended by Occasional Reader Anon.  Or one of the Anons, anyhoo.  So ya know what we did...

MMMmmm!  Malty!  Caramel-y!  The Bros rate this beer as "exceptional," and I wholeheartedly agree.  Good stuff, Maynard... and Turbodog will become a fixture in these parts.  It's a new fave.

Bonus:  Tonight's dessert managed to sneak into the picture.  I wonder how that happened?  Yeah, it's a bought-punkin-pie, not homemade.  Don't gimmee no grief, mmm-kay?  OTOH, you could gimmee pie.  Homemade pie.


  1. Finally getting a taste of Louisiana, eh, Buck? Almost ALL of Abita's stuff is good. Turbo is great, but I also like the Purple Haze--although think it's taste can be a bit cloying if taken w.o. the accompany of food after several drinks--but the first one IS refreshing! Turbo I can drink all day--and I'm not a beer drinker..Their wheat is good also..

    Apologies to your stat count, but my system has been down, but I'm once again mobile, agile and hostile--especially the latter now that I have a chip on my shoulder because of the recent good play of "MY" (lol) Hawks!EAT YOUR LIVER BUCK! :)

  2. Lou: It's great good stuff!

    Virgil: I was wonderin', since I hadn't seen your smiling face around our favorite former Nasal Radiator's place. Abita does make some good beer and I almost bought a sixer of Purple Haze, too. I'll get one Saturday.

  3. Too bad that Dixie Brewery is almost defunct. Katrina flooded the old brewery on Tulane Ave w. 10 feet of H2O and then looters ripped all the copper tubing/vats etc., out, so the place still sits abandoned and anyway the city block it sits on is part of the new abuilding VA/LSU Univ hospital(Charity H. replacement) Even prior to Katrina they had messed w. the original formula such that the basic brew was undrinkable except for two funny anomlies: The FIRST beer tasted great, but something about its effect on the taste buds made each subsequent one taste terrible and 2) for some reason it tasted GREAT w. boiled seafood--and ONLY that--in fact was the ONLY beer to drink with boiled shrimp, crawfish, crabs, etc.--was FAR superior to ALL others...could drink it all day long..

    Currently its a microbrew brewed by an out-of-state outfit avail only in local grocery stores and bars. They have a "Blackened Voodo" (Schwarzbier) that a lot of people like and a "Crimson Voodoo" Amber ale as well as a "Jazz Amber Light" light larger to go w. the original larger. Can't vouch for any but the Blackened Voodoo and the orig. Dixie's w. seafood. It was in financial trouble even prior to Katrina, so don't know if the local brewery will ever re-open in any form/location. But current sales, tho limited are steady, so it appears it will hang around.. The original formula when I was in coll 62-66 was a really HEAVY beer--the kind that you grabbed in an ice-cold can after a long day of drinking and being passed out to use to build a good solid base of one or two to get the buzz back and ditch the hung-over feeling after waking up to prepare for the night's heavy duty action of hard liquor, lol.

  4. You said, "Good stuff Maynard..."

    I say that all the time, but I don't remember where I got it. Do you?

  5. Abita Christmas Ale is in the fridge, transported across state lines! Don't tell the revenoors, ok?

  6. Lou: Dobie Gillis? You're not the only one asking the question.

    Moogie: Your secret is safe with me.


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