Friday, November 25, 2011


You've prolly seen the ads on yer teevee announcing with varying degrees of faux excitement that the "McRib is back!"  Well, I'd never had one before so I tried one today.  I'm of the opinion that the McRib should have stayed wherever the hell it went; it had no bid'niz comin' back.  I'm told (by reputable sources recommended by Mr. Google) that the "meat" in the McRib is genuine pork and not some sorta mystery meat but ya coulda fooled me.  The "meat" has a rubbery consistency and such a complete lack of meat flavor that it reminded me of the canned substance found in C-rations long ago and far away.  That stuff was allegedly meat, too.  

My bottom line:  I couldn't finish the McRib; one third of it went down the garbage disposal.  What's worse yet is I bought TWO of those abominable thangs; the second sandwich followed the remnants of the first into the disposal.

I agree with this guy:
McDonald's would be much wiser to serve actual smoked rib meat pulled off the bone with a better tasting and spicier BBQ sauce. Short of that, they could easily offer a REAL pulled pork sandwich made from one of the popular brands like Curly's or Lloyd's.
What he said.

So I went lookin' for a suitable image for this post and found a truckload of Mickey Dee's adverhype.  And this lil thang:

I simply can't think of ANYTHING snarky enough for a caption or comment.  All y'all gotta help me out.


  1. I've never had the guts to try one.

  2. I'm with Inno. They don't even sound appealing, in no small part a result of my general distaste for ribs. I prefer a good steak over gnawing on bones.

  3. Respect your Colon25 November, 2011 22:22

    All their stuff tastes like a 14 year old kid warmed it up in a microwave.

  4. I had the dubious 'pleasure' of having one bought for me. The most disgusting thing I've ever put in my mouth.

  5. Buck, I've been staring at that picture for about 10 minutes, and just can't seem to come up with a clever caption.

    Maybe I'll go stare at it a while longer, and something will come to me.

  6. Inno: I shouldn't have been so brave.

    Dave: I loves me some ribs and BBQ, in general. That's a big part of why I'm so put off by this thing.

    Respect: You're not far off. Make it 16 year olds and ya got it.

    Deb: While a McRib ain't THE most disgusting thang I've ever eaten it's prolly in the Top Ten.

    Andy: The whole damned premise of that picture is just SO wrong.

  7. The other Man Cave26 November, 2011 10:58

    That can't be Lindsay Lohan, she has panties on!

    I'm thinking "I'm trying to get it out baby, but it's stuck!"

  8. I just loves me a McRib! But then I'm such a philistine that I liked C-rats too. LOL Guys in my squadron said if I was ever shot-down and captured I'd be the only POW in hist. to GAIN weight in captivity--said they'd actually give me an early release if I promised not to ever come back: "We're running out of swill!" LOL

  9. Caption?

    "Gay man in bed with wife."

    Best I can do on short notice.


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