Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Success, Part Deux

I'm a New Mexican...

...albeit a temporary New Mexican.  I was told my license will arrive via a uniformed representative of the Federal Gubmint sometime in the next 45 days.  Or so.

Speakin' o' driver's licenses... I've carried this old Kally-forhn-ee-ya license in my wallet for nearly 40 years now:

Ain't that about the ugliest chick ya ever did see?  And note, please, that we are our same svelte self (height, weight) as we were over 35 years ago.  It's all in the genes, Gentle Reader; lifestyle has NOTHING to do with it.  Otherwise I'd be dead now.


  1. 107 E Apache
    Farmington NM 88401
    First One was a resident of a little spot called Flora Vista on the highway to Aztec. Got that one in 1976. Got rid of it in 1982 for a Washington one that I kept until I retired and went back to The Treasure State......Then Kansas and now I have a Not So Golden State license......DMV in Ridgecrest is a snap!!!!!!!

  2. Welcome to the club, Buck. We'll have ya over soon to raise a toast!

    Brad & Jane

  3. I would have worn an Apache bandana and a stub cigar hanging out the right side of the mouth.


  4. I think I like the CA photo the best - you look so serious.

    A rather buxom blonde friend wore a low cut blouse when she went to get her NM driver's license. I swear they took a photo of her boobs and cut off part of her face.

    vw: jitiess - similar to titties...

  5. Interesting. I've never been allowed to hang onto a driver's license; had to surrender my MA license in order to get my CT one.

  6. Damn, Buck. 5'8" and 125? I'm about 5'10" these days and 185. If I dropped 50 or 60 pounds, I think I'd blow away. What do you tether yourself to the ground with?

    No, never mind that question. Too many answers would involve visuals I do not wish to keep in my head.

    Actually, that's quite a feat to maintain the same physique as you had that long ago, genes or no genes.

  7. Glenn: I kept that CA license until I retired from the AF. Since then I've carried OK, MI, NY, and TX licenses. This license will be my last...

    Brad & Jane: Thank you both!

    Anon: I like the way ya think.

    Lou: "Serious" was about the furthest thing in life I was at that point in time.

    Kris: Well, you live in the Nanny-State capital of the US. What did ya expect?

    Jim: My peers in the AF used to joke about making me carry my tool box everywhere I went so I wouldn't get blown away... or mebbe they weren't joking.

  8. I noticed that weight thing too!

    Wish I could say the same about me. :-)

  9. Interesting system y'all have there in NM. When I got my LA license, they let me keep my old AR one, but they used a hole punch to blot out the number.

    Was the CA license printed on paper that you laminated? I remember paper licenses! Really easy to alter.

    We shan't be discussing weight today, thank you very much.

  10. ss: You're SO kind!

    Moogie: NM gives you your license back with a hole in it, too. That CA license IS a paper license and I've never laminated it. The poor thing's falling apart now.

  11. Wow... a long time ago in a land far, far away. The address no longer exists (literally.)

    My tia's house was torn down and an apartment complex put up in its place. The addresses are 315 A through F.

  12. How'd you get a beard while on active duty? Was it from working in a remote station?

    I still have my first California License, from December 28 1977... I weighed 125, too.

  13. Sam: Yeah, you were just a wee lad then.

    Darryl: That pic was taken towards the end of a 30-day leave.


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