Friday, September 16, 2011

O, Ye Me of Little Faith

I just got back from Homespot Properties with an executed lease and keys to the new apartamento in my hot lil hand, by way of the new place... where I took photos.  Real photos, using my camera and not that sleazy lil cell-phone camera.  To wit...

 The kitchen, shot from the living room.  That big-ass fridge has an ice-maker!  Yow!!

 Another kitchen shot.  Note the GREEN covering on the dishwasher is gone.  Thank The Deity At Hand for small favors.

 The living room, shot from the kitchen.  An area rug will be required and I might have one picked out.  We're still shopping, though.

The bathroom off the master bedroom.  Note the French doors.  Me likey.

I didn't take pictures of the empty bedrooms because they are... empty.  Nuthin' to see there; move along.  But we will take pics at a later date once the furniture is delivered, yadda, yadda.

So now we wait.  Is it Thursday yet?


In other news... Andy the RV Doctor stopped by El Casa Móvil de Pennington today to tie up a loose end and do one final repair for me, that bein' replacing a broken latch on one of my downstairs storage bins.  Andy couldn't find a replacement latch anywhere so he fabricated one on the spot and installed same.  When he was done I asked him what the damage was and he replied "No charge.  You've been a great customer, so just consider this a going-away gift."  And then he left.

I'm gonna miss that guy... A LOT.  He pulled my tired ol' ass out of a lotta fires over the course of the last seven or eight years.  He's a REAL good guy, and there's your understatement for the day. 


  1. Man, I don't want to freak you out...

    Maybe I'm the only one that sees it...

    But if you look carefully at the pictures, there's a really small legless dude levitating over your sink. He's shining a flashlight. I saw something like that in a horror movie once. Better keep an eye on him.


  2. Here's another understatement:

    The place looks great, Buck. I'm happy for you, and I hope you like it there. Keeping my fingers crossed that you have neighbors as good as they'll have.

  3. Inno says he's a small legless guy. He looks more like a flasher to me

  4. It looks great! I need those guys to come lay my tile. They really gotter' done. The rug looks good. We found one at Home Depot.

  5. Thank goodness that green cover on the dishwasher is gone!

    The place looks really sharp. The dark cupboards and tile give it a more masculine feel(wouldn't want you in some pale, wussy apartment). You will be livin' large and feelin' fine in that new place, I'm sure.

  6. Me likey, too. And ON TIME.


    Gonna invite us for a housewarming?

    Ummmmm...I want to just pass my thanks along to Andy the RV Doc, too. I'll tell you that the posts you've done about Andy coming in a pinch have helped me that there are good folks everywhere in every occupation. Good on Andy.

    In fact, I've NEVER met an "Andy" that didn't have at least a few good qualities. He's probably an "Andrew." It means, "manly," ya' know.

  7. Sweet spot Buck. So very happy for you!!!

  8. Nice digs, my friend.
    It may take some time to get used to seeing ADWH from a different location, though.

  9. That so totally rocks!! Just think of all the room you'll have in that fridge to chill the guests of honor at ADWH!

    And, I'm with Red -- thank goodness the dishwasher is no longer green.

    Happy housewarming!

  10. Maybe I'm the only one that sees it...

    I missed that lil guy at first, Inno. Dang. Just my luck... a haunted apartamento.

    S-Andy: Thank ya, Sir. I hope my neighbors are good, too. I've had good luck with neighbors here at BLHTP the last six years or so.

    Red: The dark cabinets are the one thing I DON'T like about the place, believe it or don't. I'm partial to oak or even white-painted cabinets, mainly coz I like a kitchen to be light and airy. Clean looking, too. But I like the way ya think!

    Ivan: Heh.

    Lou: Thanks. Mebbe I'll go over to Lowe's in The Big(ger) City™ and see what they have in the way of rugs. Might be cheaper, too.

    L-Andy: Yeah there's just sumthin' about those Andys, ain't there? Andy the RV Doctor is a great guy, but I repeat myself. So are you.

    Kris: Thank ya, Ma'am.

    Glenn: I've had some wistful thoughts about no more ADWH at BLHTP of late. The porch is covered at the new place, so I won't have an open view of the sky... unless I go sit at the end of the driveway.

    Moogie: There are just SO many wondrous thangs about that new kitchen... not the least of which are cabinet/counter space, dishwasher, full-size range, yadda, yadda, yadda. I'm not gonna know how to act.

  11. MissBirdlegs in AL17 September, 2011 10:31

    I'm envious of all the wall outlets. I bought an older house & the paucity of outlets is one of my big gripes.

    I wasn't too weirded out over the "bathroom mirror float", but did notice a bit of light coming in at the left (bottom) of the front door. With your winds there, you might wanna mention that to the builders...?

    Wishing you a "happy home" there, Buck!

  12. Thanks, Katy. I noticed that light gap in the front door too, and I will bring that up with The Management.

  13. Looks great Buck! Very excited for you. Will you miss El Casa?

  14. Good luck Buck! I'll wave to ya' when I jog by on my morning run!


  15. I am glad to see tile. Carpet has a lot of formaldehyde in it. That stuff is great for dead people, not so good for blood pumpers.

  16. I'm the guy who got burglarized twice a year. Anyway, word to the wise: go to home depot and buy a new striker plate with 4 holes in it (two above, and two below the dead bolt and door latch). Then buy eight 3-inch long screws to mount the new striker plates.

    The little 1/2" screws allow even a young girl to kick the door in.

    The longer screws go through all the 2x4 studs and make for a door that will cause serious pain to the kicker.

    Without the long screws, the door jamb splinters and the door is open. It also requires about $600 to fix a broken door jamb.

  17. Oh, PS, take the light switch cover off so you can watch, and don't drill the screws into the electrical wires and become a statistic...

  18. Oh PS to PS, get a peep-hole, and a screen door. That way you don't open the door to a gun to your head.

    Screen doors are required equipment inside the city. Tell the landlord you want one, and it has to be nice quality.

  19. Nice new place, Buck. Really nice. You'll love it! Congrats!


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