Friday, August 26, 2011

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

J.J. and Ol' Slowhand...

Well I got lots of children, an ex-wife or two
I never hear from them, 'till the bills are due
The money I gave 'em, they already spent
If I could just slip'em out, you've put me in that last will and testament

You know I'm going over sixty, I'm older than most

It won't be long now, I'll be nothing but a ghost
My intentions, it's my intent
To leave all of them people out of my last will and testament
Most of above applies to YrHmblScrb and I DO find it gratifying when my life is reflected in song.  Well, that sentiment about the kids isn't true at all (two of 'em call at regular intervals and are a great boon to me in my old age) nor is the expressed sentiment about inheritance valid, coz I intend to make all of my children hundredaires.  My ex-wives?  Don't ask... unless you want to hear concise statements about anatomically improbable sex acts.  Sorta, in that I know one of which has a most impressive toy box.  Or at least she used to (the other I kinda doubt).

And now it's back out under the awning to continue as we've begun. 


  1. You have lived such a rich and varied life it's no wonder you find songs to reflect so many aspects of your life. Your song posts are a charming way of letting us get to know you. (and a sly way to get in a jab at the ex's?)

  2. (and a sly way to get in a jab at the ex's?)

    Occasionally, yes. But we don't wanna go to that well too often. One could begin to believe I was bitter. Or sumthin' like that. ;-)

  3. I know I have let my family down, because they never give me any respect. (Rodney was right). Obviously, my letting them down somehow could be the only reason, well, unless they just hate me.

    When it comes to the last will, where I honor them with gifts from my life, it dawns on me this will probably never happen. I have a long memory.

    As such, I think about the people who do respect me, and that number is dwindling fast, as you get older people start dying off exponentially, and new friends are hard to come by. Especially those of the opposite sex. Every new woman I meet suspects I just want to jump her, or worse, dump her in a lagoon. So, no respect down that road.

    I've been taking money out of my savings account and putting it in a safe deposit box. That's what my mother did. She left me a key and I suspected it was all her gold bullion she smuggled out of Germany during Americas gold prohibition. Nope, she gave that to someone else. I just got the cash, which I used to pay off the house, well, just before the wife and kids threw me out. My services no longer required. I still get a Christmas card, but it's always as sterile as my urine.

    Anyway, it is fun to think who I will send the key to. It is a good pile, and enough to solve anyone's problems. The purpose of the key, is to prevent the Treasury from getting it. Pure cash being the only way to really gift only one person.

    I keep thinking of the movie Grand Torino, where the person who gets the gift is the neighbor kid who is most like you were, when you were his age. Yea, that could happen.

  4. coz I intend to make all of my children hundredaires That would be what my parents are going to make me, and I'm ok with it. They worked hard for their money, they should enjoy it.

  5. Key: Your plan sounds like a good one. Taxes might hit MY estate for all of about 15 or 20 bucks.

    Deb: I'm living that ol' saw about spending the kids' inheritance. But they WILL get some pretty new furniture out o' the deal. ;-)


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