Friday, August 26, 2011

This Just In...

"This" bein' me... after a run over to The Big(ger) City™ for to make yet another car doctor's appointment for The Green Hornet, followed by a trip to the Cannon Airplane Patch Class VI store for the weekly single-malt run.

The latest car glitch involves one of the latches on TGH's top, which has been sprung for six years or so.  I useta could live with that when TGH still had her original top, which fit much better than her new hat... which apparently has yet to stretch out adequately.  But the new top is SO tight that a positive latch is required on both sides, otherwise there's about a quarter inch worth of air gap on the non-positive latching side.  This is NOT good for doin' stuff like goin' thru the car wash or drivin' in rain... the latter scenario bein' not much of a problem in these parts, of late.  Still and even...

So.  BOHICA, Car Parts Division... two hunnert Yankee Dollars worth.

Repeat after me:  "Cheaper than a new car, cheaper than a new car, cheaper than..."


And then there's this, from My Buddy Ed In Florida:
Mother Superior called all the nuns together and said to them, 'I must tell you all something. We have a case of gonorrhea in the convent.'

'Thank God,' said an elderly nun at the back. 'I'm so tired of chardonnay.'
(I got the pic from a generic web search... here.)


  1. I just settled at my desk with a sandwich for lunch and saw that picture. I'd like to say "Ewww", but you hate that expression. Good joke; nasty picture.

  2. Andy: Me too.

    Red: The ONLY time ewe is acceptable is when discussing female sheep. I kinda like the pic, too. Which is why I posted it, of course.

  3. Bright side is that you had a reason to go ranging in the great outdoors. Outdoors is where the elusive beaver is found. On one of these excursions, you may actually locate and bag said beaver and bring it home. Or follow back to it's lair, I dunno, you're the hunter.

    It's all about the opportunity costs.

  4. How to Murder a Religion in one Photo27 August, 2011 02:30

    If ever a picture could insult as many groups of people at the same time, then that picture would be one of them.

    The only person that would get anything out of that picture would be a true deviant.

    Not just a sexual deviant either, I'm talking a deviant of the worst kind. A social deviant.

    One who has no respect for white women, Catholicism, or Italian bars.

    A person who has no taboo's. Someone who murder would be an acceptable social act.

  5. Darryl: Nice try, but I ain't in the market, despite what I say.

    How to: So, you didn't like the pic? ;-)

  6. Jesse had a calendar of nun photos - all doing crazy things. She also has a pic of herself and some nuns at a pub in Tulsa. Pretty funny.

  7. I think nuns are generally pretty cool, Lou... but I never had to go to Catholic school.


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