Monday, August 08, 2011

Just In Time

We're just back from the mailbox where we retrieved a timely shipment of new cee-gars... ten San Lotano box-pressed maduros and ten Man O' War Puro Authenticos.  As for the "just in time" bit... you can see we were down to our last stick.  Well, that's not entirely true because we still have five of those Deep Dishes we're aging (seven months and counting... and we hope at least ONE will make it a year) and about 20 or so of those small Blondies we got a couple o' weeks ago.  But the Blondies are 20-minute smokes and not quite suitable for After Dinner Whiskey Hour... unless I do three of the things back to back to back.  I rather prefer a single cigar that will last for the entire hour or slightly longer, as we've been staying outside quit a bit later these last few evenings.  It's the stars, Gentle Reader... the stars!

And now I do believe it's time to fire up one of those Puro Authenticos, pour a beer (undecided about what flavor at the moment), and go sit my old ass down under the awning and read the paper.  I fear bad things might be happening in the world today but it's waaay too early to turn the teevee on and I haven't had my attitude adjusted yet.


  1. It was hot and windy here today -miserable. No sitting outside for me.

    We have now taken in five horses for friends who are out of hay and grass.

  2. It was too hot outside for me too, Lou. I don't think I lasted ten minutes.


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