Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oh, Just STOP Already!

I'm beginning to think about leaving P-Ville.  This wind is getting on my very last nerve.


  1. Maybe its all the politicians blabbing that is causing all this wind.

    We should tax them for contributing to the excess wind.

  2. Come to Austin...I'll drink or beer or three with you on back porch.

    Cigar smoking is welcome.

    Hope you're doing well, Buck.

  3. What Daphne said, but Canukistan. You'd prob'ly freeze yer scrawny a$$ off though. ;)

  4. We should tax them for contributing to the excess wind.

    Or kill 'em. Whoever left the wind machine on better HOPE I don't find their sorry ass.

    Daph: Doin' fine here, with certainnotable exceptions... You?

    Deb: I don't DO winter any longer, except for the small doses we get here on THPoNM. Alberta is right out.

  5. Are you serious about leaving or just blowing off a little hot air? Sorry, I couldn't resist. I feel yore pain though.

    Most everywhere you could choose has a downside. For example, TX and the South are threatened regularly with Tornadoes; there's quakes and moonbats in California; the rain never stops in Oregon and Washington; NY is too cold and there's Senator Schumer also; Illinois, at least up North, is a Marxist territory with lake effect snow and sweltering summers. One place we like though, besides TN, is the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Four seasons, not too many storms, etc.

    We're staying put though. We'll keep ridin' out the storms here in TN. Every year it gets harder and harder to change anything much less where we live. If you get my drift.

  6. We have the wind in the High Desert right now. 40 gusting 55 to 60. Earlier it was around 50 gusting 60 plus and below Tehachapi Pass on this side it may be much higher. The wind warning keeps getting extended day by day. It is supposed to wind down in the wee hours of Memorial Day.

    Memorial Cup Final Mississauga and Saint John's from Mississauga on the NHL Network.

  7. Dan: Realistically? Just blowin' off steam. I DO get yer drift and that's why leaving P-Ville would be a VERY hard thing to do. I've developed good relationships with my medical providers and that's an important thing in one's old age. The thought of having to reestablish those relationships elsewhere is daunting... especially with the coming changes in Medicare and Tri-Care (the military health system).

    I also hear ya loud and clear about the plusses and minuses of other places. There's always sumthin' to complain about.

    Glenn: WX observations here increased the wind speed to 40 mph with gusts of 50, so we're not far off of what you're dealing with. And lucky YOU: I don't get the NHL Network.

  8. This has got to be one of the worst springs for wind. I'm pretty sick of the wind, too, or as you called it God's blow dryer.

  9. It's the worst Spring for wind that I remember.


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