Sunday, May 29, 2011


So.  Earlier this afternoon we had to get out in the maelstrom and get our Ol' Ass down to Wally-World to buy some mission essential items, like coffee, Dr. Pepper, bread, milk, and so on. I should add beer to that list, as I stupidly refused to go out yesterday (when I should have but didn't because of... wait for it... the wind) to re-stock the fridge.  One cannot buy any sort of alcohol here on Sunday thanks to P-Ville's enlightened electorate who (a) have very high moral standards (ptui!) and (b) want to ensure EVERYONE subscribes to their petty lil moral code.  I could have driven the 26 miles round-trip out to the base to buy beer but... the wind.  Our recent wildfires have made drivin' out that way on a windy day a rather dangerous proposition due to blowin' dust and I'm very damned serious about that.  So we didn't go.  Meh.

There IS beer in the fridge but it's all of the barley wine and adult soda pop variety... all the Good Stuff is gone.  I poured one of those Bigfoot Ales for Happy Hour, drank half of it and threw the rest out.  It just didn't taste good at all and sumthin' about it gave me a rather queasy feelin'.  Thank The Deity At Hand we have an ample supply of Schweppes, Bombay, and limes in El Casa Móvil De Pennington.  We immediately broke out all three and mixed up a couple o' G&Ts whereupon life proceeded to get marginally better, but still not GOOD.

We most certainly have a highly developed case of the ass today.  The post title is an ol' military term I trotted out specifically for this rant and the cure for IHTFP is FIGMO, in case you're wonderin'.  But I ain't likely to be gettin' any orders soon, so I guess we'll just embrace the suck.

Get OFF my frickin' lawn!


  1. Somewhere amongst the packed stuff are two coffee cups I acquired in Sasebo, O one side they have the have the crow for an E-5 radarman, on the other those very initials. At one time it was pretty much only those personnel assigned to Operation Deepfreeze who subscribed to, and voiced, that lament.

  2. There's nothing more summery than a G&T.

  3. That just looks refreshing.

  4. I used to drink Gin, but Mennen's Skin Bracer is a lot cheaper...

  5. After long periods of rain here in the PNW, I'll start thinking that moving to Eastern WA might be a good idea.

    Then I go over there and spend a few days in the wind, and change my mind. I despise the wind.

  6. Skip: I first heard IHTFP at Keesler AFB back in 1963 and I have no doubt those words were on my father's lips more than a few times during his career.

    Barry: Yep! G&Ts have always sorta defined "summer" for me.

    Lou: They are!

    Anon: Thanks for the link! Pretty good...

    BR: I'm beginning to hate the wind, too. As Lou said elsewhere, I don't remember another Spring where it's been quite as bad.

  7. Quite an enlightening post there, Buck! Cheers!

  8. G&Ts are the perfect drink to ring in the summer. Sorry about the winds thought; that is the suckage.

  9. Moogie: One of my missions in life is to spread enlightenment around. ;-)

    Kris: The wind is maxium suckage... and we have more of the same today. Unfortunately.

  10. Tho I love me some G&T I find that after the first 3 0r 4 my mouth dries up, so I switch to White/Lt Rum & Tonic (pref. the Jamacian Appleton White) w. lime--makes for a slightly "sweeter" drink--tho in same family of taste. I've found I can go all night (or used to :) ) on Rum & Tonic w.o. mouth drying out.

    For G&T I prefer Beefeaters--one of the few gins still made with juniper-berries--has a certain "tang" to it others don't imho. Now if its Martinis *tho I rarely drink them) I go for basic orig. Tanqueray, as it is so smooth & "neutral."

  11. Dadgummit. Those stabilizers. I love 'em. Andy could bolt 'em on for you in about half an hour.

    FIGMO: Had to look that one up.

  12. FWIW, I think the Sunday ban on liquor sales is statewide, not just P-ville. Still, it does prove to be inconvienent because I nearly always do my grocery shopping on Sunday's after church. No sales on Sunday means I have to come back to town some other day.

    Jeff's never seen the wind this bad in his almost 40 years. Definately not normal.

  13. I find that after the first 3 0r 4 my mouth dries up...

    You go deeper into the pool than I do, Virg. Three is pretty much it for me, these days. That's mainly because I don't have anyone to put me to bed any longer. ;-)

    Bob: I kinda like the rock and rollin'. I can pretend I'm on a boat. ;-)

    Jenny: Isn't the "dry" thing (or Blue Laws) county by county? I seem to remember SN1 tellin' me you can buy likker on Sundays in ABQ, and what about the casinos down in Ruidoso? I can't believe they wouldn't serve on Sundays... bad for bid'niz.

    The wind is the topic du jour, innit? Everyone seems to be sayin' what Jeff is sayin', i.e., "I've NEVER seen it this bad!"

  14. I think your right on county by county. My understanding was that you could buy in eating establishments on Sundays, but not to take home with you (package stores). But don't quote me on that.


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